Taitung Pandemic Update!

According to the Central Epidemic Control Center, the epidemic prevention regulations will be adjusted as follows from March 20, 2023 in order to balance economic and social operations with the international COVID-19 epidemic prevention:

1. Arrival of Foreigners in Taiwan
No quarantine will be required for inbound passengers from 13 October 2022 and from 7 February 2023, the standard of rapid screening of negative results will be lifted on the first day of entry or on the first day of self-quarantine or contact.
From March 1st, the supply of household antigen quick-screening reagents to visitors will be discontinued. If you need them, you can purchase them at pharmacies and retail outlets.

2. Other Places Requirements
– Except for medical institutions (clinics, hospitals), public transportation, etc. , masks should be worn throughout the entire process, and other indoor, outdoor and outdoor venues should be abolished.
– The rest of the indoor spaces and spaces are decided by the people themselves to wear masks.
– The solidarity system will be abolished in stores and business establishments.

3. Practice of Confirmation during Travel to Taiwan
– No quarantine: If tested positive, no notification or quarantine is required, and no quarantine notices and text messages are received.
– However, it is recommended to carry out “0+n Autonomous Health Management” and wear a mask throughout the trip to avoid dining out and gatherings.Self-management period of rapid screening negative, or until the morbidity date or positive date has reached 10 days without sampling, can be lifted.
– Notification of moderate to severe illness: Medical personnel are required only if they are tested positive for COVID-19 and have pneumonia requiring oxygen therapy or other complications associated with COVID-19 and are hospitalized (including emergency bedside).