Tear of an Angel on Jiaming Lake National Trail

Hike up to 3,313 meters to enjoy the vast, amazing view at Jiaming Lake.


Located on South Section 2 of the Central Mountain Range, Jiaming Lake has recently become a hot spot for influencers. High up in the mountains is this lake of about 120 meters long, 80 meters wide, and six meters deep. Oval in shape, it’s also known as “Egg Pond.” The crystal-clear water, reflecting the sky’s deep blues, looks so serene with clusters of grass growing around it. No wonder it’s also known as the “Tear of an Angel” and “God’s Lost Sapphire”; its name in the local Bunun language translates as “Mirror of the Moon.” Above the tree line, the expansive view of ridge after ridge in the distance is breathtaking. Flowers bloom in summer, while winter sees a blanketing of snow at times. The best time to go is between October and April when the weather is relatively stable—but make sure to keep checking the weather forecast before actually setting off.(IG: @qqxlulu)


Starting at the Xiangyang Forest National Recreation Area, Jiaming Lake National Trail is 13 kilometers long. At least three days are suggested for the entire hiking trip, but four days would be better if you want to take it easy. Taking the high mountain elevation into consideration, you need to be aware of your physical state the whole time and not hike too fast to avoid getting altitude sickness. Besides a stretch of short grass with numerous paths near Mt Sancha, the trail is clearly distinguishable the whole way. At about the sixth kilometer mark is a base station with cellphone reception. All along the route are magnificent views of the geography. We especially recommend taking some time to see Black Pond, the steep slopes of Haohanpo, the Famous Xiangyang Tree, and the sunrise at the trailhead. The scenery is just mind-blowing the whole way, and if you have the strength afterward, you can continue to hike up Mt. Sancha and Mt. Xiangyang.
Keep in mind that you have to apply in advance for a permit to go on the trail and to stay at the Xiangyang Cabin and Jiaming Lake Cabin (the cabins along the trail). Also, parts of the trail are quite steep, and you’ll be carrying a pack of about ten kilograms, so it’s not for beginners and will require some pre-hike planning.(IG: @nimo.mt)


Level of difficulty



Trail length

13 km


Time required to complete hike

3 days

To apply, you’ll need to submit the following:

For trips of two or more days: cabin/campsite permit + mountain entry permit
For one-day trips (including Buxin Camp): single-day permit + mountain entry permit
Entry into Yushan National Park (South Section 2 and Xinkang Trail): Yushan National Park Administration entry permit + mountain entry permit

For more information on applying for the Jiaming Lake Cabin/Jiaming Lake Campsite, please click here.