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Discovering Taiwan’s Geological Treasures- Exploring Taitung’s Landforms

When visiting Taitung, you will have the opportunity to take in the glorious views of mountains and oceans, as well as explore the diverse landforms tucked between the coast and mountains. Did you know that Taitung is the “Geological Treasure” of Taiwan and is the only place that has two Geoparks in one county? On this two-day trip, you will visit extraordinary views and explore the beauty of diverse landforms.

Day One

Beinan Cultural Park → Lunch: Picnic at Beinan Canal Riverside Park →  Fuyuan Grand Canyon Observation Deck → Xiaoyeliu → Jinzun Recreation Area → Dinner: Sophie’s Bistro → check-into B&B at Donghe

1 卑南遺址@hsu Wopaider 1200x900

1st Stop: Understanding Taitung Beina’s Prehistoric Culture – Beinan Cultural Park

Have you ever wondered what Taitung was like in the past? The Beinan Cultural Park located in Taitung City has all the answers. Beinan culture has a history of 2300 years. The park is Taiwan’s largest prehistoric settlement. It is also the largest scale cemetery with gravestones in the Pacific Rim and Southeast Asia, protecting our historic and aboriginal culture. There are ancient moon-shaped stone pillars in the park, and a 1:1 ratio model of prehistoric houses displayed outdoors. You will be able to understand the living situation of those who lived thousands of years ago and take a peek into a prehistoric scene.

Address: No. 200 Cultural Park Rd, Taitung City, Taitung County
Phone number: 089-23-3466
Hours of Operation: 09:00 – 17:00 (Closed on Tuesdays)
Suggested Duration: 2 Hours


2nd Stop: Locals’ Favorite Hangout – Beinan Canal Riverside Park

Do you want to know where the locals go to hang out? Then you can’t miss Beinan Canal Riverside Park. The Beinan Canal Riverside Park is a water source that functions as irrigation and flood protection. It was first built in 1898, the Farm Irrigation Association in Taitung later remodeled the open fields into a park that citizens could enjoy. The park has decorative mountains, rocks, pagoda shades, and benches. The view is beautiful, with large green hills. Visitors can see the Liji Badlands and Little Huangshan from the Observation Deck. Not having too many tourists, it’s the perfect place to enjoy a relaxing walk, picnic, or even for a photo outing.

Address: River across from the Taitung Train Station, Taitung City, Taitung County
Phone number: 089-326100
Hours of Operation: Open all-day
Suggested Duration: 1 hour

3 富源大峽谷觀景台 1200x800

3rd Stop: Moon Landing! Fuyuan Grand Canyon Observation Deck

The Fuyuan Grand Canyon is located in Taitung’s Liji Badlands Geopark. The Badlands Park is exactly where you need to go to observe the “Moon World” up close and in person! As the name suggests, the soil in the Liji Badlands is highly basic and cannot support any growth. The lands are left barren and from afar, appear cold and sullen like the surface of the moon. The Fuyuan Grand Canyon Observation Deck has wooden platforms and pagodas that offer shade. It is a truly magnificent sight to see the valleys formed by the Liji Badlands, Beinan valleys, and Little Huangshan.

Address: 56 km point on Fuyuan County Highway 197, Beinan Township, Taitung County
Phone number: 089-381368
Hours of Operation: Open all-day
Suggested Duration: 1-2 hours

4 小野柳 吳玉麟 1200x800

4th Stop: Taitung’s Geological Wonder – Xiaoyeliu

Xiaoyeliu was originally named Fugang Geopark. The park was full of interesting-shaped stones and rocks which had a resemblance to the Stone Carving Parks in Yeliu. Therefore, Fugnag Geopark began being referred to “Xiaoyeliu ” by tourists and eventually became the generic term. The park has smooth and flat trails with clear directions. Many entranceways lead to the beach, each showing off a different landforms and views. There is tofu rock, hive rock, turtle rock, and other uniquely shaped rocks are magnificent and will surely take your breath away.

Address: No. 500 Songjiang Rd Section 1, Taitung City, Taitung County
Phone number: 089-281-136
Hours of Operation: Open all-day
Suggested Duration: 2 hours

5 美麗海灣 張秋蘭 東河金樽遊憩區

5th Stop: Wineglass Shaped Bay – Jinzun Recreation Area

Jinzun Recreation Area is right along provincial highway 11, making it easily accessible by car. You’ll be able to enjoy the bay view, tied island, beach cliff, and other seaside views. The bay is named “Jinzun” because of its wineglass-like shape. You can see a tied island parallel to the coast not too far away. The island is formed by the waves clashing between the island and the coast, pushing sand up to form the tied island. There is a cafe within the recreation area. You can enjoy a beverage here while relaxing and enjoying the ocean and mountain views, or a nice stroll on the Jinzun beach. Please be careful while you explore the area as the beach has some steep inclines and strong waves. All water activities are strictly prohibited.

Address: 2 km beach can be found south of Jinzun harbor, Donghe Township, Taitung County
Phone number: 089-841-520
Hours of Operation: Open all-day
Suggested Duration: ½ hour

6 蘇菲的小酒館@kikichen101

6th Stop: A Specialty Bistro in the Mountains – Sophie’s Bistro

Sophie’s Bistro is tucked into the mountains of Dulan, it provides delicious food that only true foodies would know. The bistro has a semi-outdoor design as well as an elegant and relaxed dining environment with classy music. Each dish is worth trying out, but the pepper shrimp, grilled mackerel, grilled pork, and other grilled items are the perfect pairing for some alcohol. The owner, Sophie, also makes great cocktails, make sure you don’t miss this. We suggest making a phone call reservation and ordering ahead of time to shorten waiting time. Friendly reminder: don’t drink and drive!

Address: No. 33-1 Neighborhood 46, Xindu Rd., Dulan Village, Donghe Township, Taitung County
Phone number: 0958-964-773
Hours of Operation: 17:30–22:00 (Closed on Wednesdays)

Day Two

Sanxiantai Trail → Shiyusan (Stone Umbrella) → Lunch: Hsinfeng Seafood → Wushibi → Baxian Caves

7 三仙台 1200x800

1st Stop: Exquisite Geology Classroom – Sanxiantai Trail

At the mention of Sanxiantai, everyone thinks of the “Sanxiantai Arch Bridge” first, but did you know that Sanxiantai has a unique geological view? After you cross the bridge, take a walk around the island and you will feel as if you’ve entered a geology classroom! The Sanxiantai terrace belongs to the Duluan Volcanos. It was once a headland, but erosion by seawater eventually formed this island. The entire island is roughly 22 hectares and can be covered by foot in about 2 hours. You will find Hehuan cave, Jianxian gorge, Feilong bay, and other natural wonders. Sea grooves, pot holes, sea stacks, and other coastal wonders can also be found here. The highest point on the island is only 77 meters above sea level, those with the energy should consider climbing to the first lighthouse in eastern Taiwan where you will be able to take in the breathtaking Pacific view.

Address: No. 74 Jihui Rd., Sanxian Village, Chenggong Township, Taitung County
Phone number: 089-854-097
Hours of Operation: 08:30 – 17:00
Suggested Duration: 3 hours

8 石雨傘 1200x801

2nd Stop: Taiwan’s Unique Umbrella – Shiyusan (Stone Umbrella) Recreation Area

Shiyusan is a famous geological wonder on the east coast. Once you walk up to the pagoda rest area, you can look over the massive stone that looks like an opened umbrella. What a perfect name! Shiyusan (stone umbrella) is actually a “balance rock”, the coral towards the top is harder and the conglomerate towards the bottom is looser. The ocean and waves erode the bottom away, leaving a natural umbrella. You will also find many other forms of sea erosion such as sea caves, sea arches, and deformed shale. You can also walk along the wooden path down to Xiaochuanao beach to watch the waves and play in the water.

Address: By 106 km mark on provincial highway 11, Chenggong Township, Taitung County
Phone number: 089-854-097
Hours of Operation: Open all-day
Suggested Duration: 1 hour

9 欣逢平價海鮮 1200x900

3rd Stop: Great Value Fresh Seafood – Hsinfeng Seafood

Freshness is the key when looking for seafood by the beach! Hsinfeng Seafood has fresh and great valued seafood. You’ll find the restaurant packed with people and cars parked up and down the road when you drive by during meal times. It’s not hard to see how popular this seafood restaurant is! Order some blanched prawns or stir-fried calamari to taste the seafood right out of the ocean! The fish are all caught on the same day, offering fine and tender meat, making visitors jealous of those who live on this amazing east coast! Besides seafood, the sides and main dishes are also a must-try: the seaweed salad is tangy and appetizing while the stir-fried noodles are strongly recommended by the local foodies!

Address: No. 15 Changbin Township, Taitung County
Phone number: 089-801-180
Hours of Operation: 10:30–19:00

10 烏石鼻 1200x800

4th Stop: The Largest Volcanic Rock in Taiwan – Wushibi

Wushibi gets its name from its nose shape. You should know that besides being a prosperous small fish port, it has Taiwan’s largest volcanic pillar. This was one of the escape points of the lava long time ago. You will find pentagon and hexagon-shaped pillars all around Wushibi. They are arranged in all different directions. You will also witness a variety of marine ecology. The tide pools and sea grooves are a paradise for finding intertidal zone animals.

Address: Roughly around the 97.5 km mark on provincial highway 11, between Changbin and Shiyusan, Changbin Township, Taitung County
Phone number: 089-281-530
Hours of Operation: Open all-day
Suggested Duration: 1 hour


5th Stop: Witness Nature’s Superlative Craftsmanship – Baxian Cave

Baxian Cave is located at Luohan Mountain in Sanjian Village, Changbin Township. The name Baxian Cave is actually a generic term. There are around twenty sea caves here, all belonging to Duluan Volcanos. They are about ten meters high and are wondrous to stand in. Baxian Cave is a grade-one historic monument and also Taiwan’s first Paleolithic age site. Most relics unearthed here are stoneware and tools, many of which were used for fishing. If you are interested in learning more about them, please visit the Baxian Cave Tourist Center’s ancient relics exhibition display.

Address: No. 1-4 Shuimuding, Sanjian Village, Changbin Township, Taitung County
Phone number: 089-881-418
Hours of Operation: 08:30 – 17:00
Suggested Duration: 1 hour