Land Blessed by its Ancestors- Lijia Tribal Village Cultural Experience

Lijia (Ligavon) comes from the Beinan language, meaning “rich land that nurtures the alocasia odora.” The land has another beautiful and magical name, Likavung. The Lijia Tribal Village is located in Beinan Township of Taitung County, at the foot of the central mountain range, and the north bank of the Lujia River. You can overlook the Pacific Ocean and even see Green Island from the village. The village is blessed with rich and diverse natural resources and has nurtured the unique Beinan Culture.

This tribe was one of the fiercest tribes of Taitung, home to many famous warriors such as Likapon and Matreli. Travel west along East 52 (Lijia Rd.) to experience the tribal spirit. The best time to hear the sounds of nature and life is in the early mornings and late evenings when the village is still and tranquil. Enjoy the quiet that can only be found in the village.

茄冬樹 圖片來源 台灣觀光旅遊網

Rest under the century old tree where time stands still – Century Old Bishop Wood Tree

On any stroll through the Lijia Community, you’ll find century-old Bishop Wood and Banyan trees all around. The trees are big and strong and provide a platform for many epiphytes to live on, forming a mini ecosystem. Legends tell that when the Japanese people came to Lijia Village, they built police stations, schools, and other community buildings. They planted the trees to create a beautiful and aesthetically pleasing space. The elders of the village say that in the early days when Lijia would battle other villages, the trees became a natural watch post where guards could alert the villagers the moment anything out of the ordinary happened. The trees also represent memories shared between the villagers and have been part of the people’s lives for over a century.

圖片來源 利嘉國民小學官網

Romantic Promise of the Blooming Flowers – Lijia Elementary School

Lijia Elementary School has over 100 years of history. Lijia was used as a military, education, and administration center during the Japanese Occupation Period. The lovely environment and rich forestation made it a source of the people’s emotional support and comfort. The forest of plum blossoms behind the school welcomes a season of full bloom each year. The dancing petals in the air are beautiful beyond description. The Likavung-Feast of Plum Blossom Concert has been held once a year since 1999, inviting famous musicians from around Taiwan and the world. The concert also provides the opportunity for the residents of Lika Village to enjoy top-quality musical performances. Many classical music fans have also come to Lijia Elementary School for this unique and special concert, raising the fame and recognition of Lijia Elementary School. The concert has already become an important musical event that takes place each spring in Taitung, further elevating the cultural and humanistic atmosphere of Lijia Village.

利嘉林道 圖片來源林務局台東林區管理處

Explore the mysterious and romantic hidden path- Ligavon trail

The Ligavon trail is over 32km and runs through Beinan Township in Taitung. The trail is an old hunting trail and also the Tamalakao tribe’s hunting and farming land. The trail boasts rich natural and cultural aspects where visitors can find traces of the predecessors’ wisdom and history. After some renovation by the Taitung Soil and Water Conservation Bureau, the trail has become one of the main ecotourism destinations and a new popular hiking trail in Taitung.

The Ligavon Trail travels through complicated terrain, much of the environment is misty and foggy, nurturing a diverse and complete ecosystem. If you visit in the late spring during the firefly season, visitors will be surrounded by a glowing magical forest. Enjoy the refreshing phytoncides as you read the many display boards around the trail so that you can gain plenty of knowledge about the land while fully enjoying nature. There are also a variety of aboriginal culture and food activities that you can participate in, including archery, traditional arts, hunting, and unique tribal feasts.