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Green Island Low Carbon Ecology Trip

Crestal clear oceans, green grassy hills as well as diverse biological ecosystem have made Green Island a diving and ecology heaven. Over 400,000 tourists visit this special island each year. However, the swarms of tourists have caused a burden to the land and ocean ecosystem. Roadkill, garbage buildup, and coral bleaching are becoming more and more of a problem.

To protect the ecosystem and preserve the culture to maintain a sustainable natural environment, we would like to introduce some meaningful itineraries to you:


Creating Comfortable Homes For Hermit Crabs

Many people like to collect shells from the beach as souvenirs. In addition, due to the large number of tourists consume many shellfish. Hermit crabs are unable to find suitable homes, needing to turn to PET bottles and formula scoops or other garbage as their homes. Therefore, Taitung Nature and Humanities Society has begun collecting shells from local restaurants. We encourage you to sign up for a “Hermit Crab Housing Agency” tour. A number is laser cut into each shell and the ‘houses’ are placed in areas where hermit crabs roam. The assigned number is the crab’s new door plate and also represents your connection to Green Island. Who knows, you might see your ‘tenant’ on your next visit!


Clean the Beaches. Take Your Trash With You

Due to the current and direction of the wind, Green Island beaches are often covered in ocean trash such as PET bottles, plastic bags, fishing nets, and such. Why not put on a pair of gloves and help clean the beaches after enjoying the charming ocean view? Each person does a small part, we can contribute a cleaner and better environment. In addition, the cost of shipping trash to the main island is expensive. The garbage boats also create a significant carbon footprint. Besides cleaning the beaches, consider bringing a trash bag and carrying the trash you have created on your trip. This will help alleviate the island’s garbage problem.

Locally Grown Dishes- From Farm To Table

Using locally grown ingredients to make delicious dishes will help reduce the carbon footprint as well as passing down the local culture. Did you know the crop that best represents Green Island? It’s the peanut! Peanut candy used to be something that all Green Island residents made and was even an essential item in the betrothal presents. Those who come to experience the wedding peanut candy activity can use locally grown peanuts to make rich and decadent peanut candy. Bring these morsels packed with joy and happiness home!