Worried the mosquitoes will get you during the summer? Come make all-natural mosquito repellent in Taitung!

Mosquitoes are super active during the summer months. Mosquito repellents available on the market are often filled with chemicals that can be harmful to the body. Taitung boasts good mountains and waters which are perfect for crop growth. In this article, we will bring you to the farms of Taitung’s mountains and coastline., where you can experience growing local crops as well as making all-natural mosquito repellents. The latter will allow you to enjoy a trip free from mosquitoes or bring home a thoughtful handmade present.

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“Taitung Mountain Line” Simple hand-made toxic-free mosquito repellent – Left Hand Perfume Workshop Crafts Course

The owner of Left Hand Perfume Workshop, Ms. Lu Weilan, has sensitive and allergy-prone skin. She began developing chemical-free all-natural skincare products and cleaning products. The workshop was later founded which mainly sells hand-made soaps and offers other DIY courses. As the majority of mosquito repellents on the market are filled with chemicals and added artificial scents, they are not suitable for families with elders and young children. Lu is devoted to improving the process of hand-made soaps and has developed a hand-made anti-mosquito soap that can be hung by the window or door to effectively reduce the chance of mosquitoes entering our homes.

In this DIY course, you will learn about Taitung native plants and learn the quick and easy “melt and pour” method of making soaps. The course includes learning to melt the soap base, adding tea tree or mugwort essential oils, then finally pouring the soap mixture into molds to create the final product. (Photo Credit: FB@Left Hand Perfume Workshop


“Taitung Ocean Line” Using the lemon scent to heal your soul – Home of DingYi’s lemongrass extract course

Lemongrass is famously known for its pleasant lemon scent. Lemongrass is grown across Asia, India, Indonesia, and other tropical regions. This herb smells refreshing and is known to have properties to energize, repel mosquitos, and relieve muscle pain. The stem and leaf can be used in making tea and desserts but are also commonly found in cleaning detergent, spices, and in mosquito repellant. Taitung is free from industrial pollution, and the coastal area receives plenty of sunlight and boasts great soil,which is perfect for growing lemongrass. Home of DingYi, which is located in Chenggong Township, runs a B&B and also hosts fun activities such as the lemongrass essential oil extraction course.

Home of DingYi has set up all types of distilling machinery in the B&B and provides complete courses. Participants will learn about the principles of distilling, then they will put on their gloves and follow the teacher into the garden to collect lemongrass. After removing the impurities, the lemongrass is placed in a pot and heated up. The vapor will condense when cooled and separate into oil and liquid. Just like that, participants will have created some refreshing lemongrass essential oil. (Photo Credit: IG@hopechens