How are you going to start the upcoming new year?

This New Years, come to Taitung for a relaxing holiday. Let the mountains and the sea refresh your mind and soul during a unique trip. Lose yourself in nature’s embrace and start a conversation between your inner self and the outer world. What are you waiting for? When it’s all over, you’ll carry the energy you garnered in Taitung back to your normal life.

Day One
The Bunun Cultural Museum → Wulu Fort Park → Tianlong Suspension Bridge → Liukou Hot Springs → Lidao Tribal Village → Xiangyang National Forest Recreation Area → Xiangyang Campground


1st Stop: The Bunun Cultural Museum

The Bunun Cultural Museum is like the front gate of Haiduan Township. On the first stop of your trip, a visit here will give you a better understanding of indigenous Bunun, a tribe that’s been present in Taiwan’s high mountains since ancient times. The three-story museum stands on a vast campus and has extensive collections. These collections display Bunun crafts and traditional items such as wood sculptures, pottery and wicker baskets. Those who are interested in indigenous culture can book a docent for a tour of the museum’s curated spaces. The docent will bring the museum’s collections to life, giving visitors a chance to step into the daily life of an indigenous hunter.

Address: No. 56 2nd Shanping Neighborhood, Haiduan Village, Haiduan Township, Taitung County
Phone Number: 089-931-638
Hours of Operation: 09:00–12:00; 13:00-16:30 (Closed on Mondays)
Suggested duration: 1.5 hours


2nd Stop: Wulu Fort Park

The area behind Wulu Elementary School has steps that rise up towards the sky. In the distance, lies the lush mountain peaks of the Nanheng Forest. In the foreground are two antique cannons that are pointed at a swath of sacred Bunun hunting ground. During the Japanese Colonial Period, the Japanese military placed three-inch iron cannons at this site to suppress the Bunun that were residing in pockets all over Taitung’s mountains. The Township Office has placed the cannons on recreated artillery cars to restore this historical site. The site serves as a testament to the bravery indigenous Bunun displayed while defending their homeland and to remind visitors that peace is no simple feat.

Address: No. 12 Neighborhood 2, Wulu Village, Haiduan Township, Taitung County
Suggested Duration: half an hour


3rd Stop: Tianlong Suspension Bridge

When visiting the Southern Cross-Island Highway, you can’t miss out on the Tianlong Suspension Bridge, one of the area’s eight scenic spots. Wulu Valley sits at 781 meters high and is a nearly nine-kilometer long V-shaped canyon that was eroded over the years from the Xinwulu River. The scenery here is grand and dramatic as the Tianlong Suspension Bridge was constructed over a deep canyon with rushing waters. Back in the day, residents of Lidao had to cross over the bridge when going in or out of the village. Later on, the government reinforced the bridge to facilitate local tourism and the shipment of agricultural products. Visitors here can enjoy stunning mountain scenery and soak up the gentle breeze that blows across the valley to their heart’s content.

Address: Tianlong Suspension Bridge, Wulu Village, Haiduan Township, Taitung County
Suggested Duration: half an hour


4th Stop: Liukou Hot Springs

The Southern Cross-Island Highway is packed with natural hot springs. Compared with Lisong Hot Spring and Lulu Hot Spring, places accessible by trekking difficult trails that require climbing and fording streams, Liukou Hot Spring sits next to the highway and is fun for all fitness levels. Liukou Hot Spring has clear and odorless sodium bicarbonate hot spring water. You don’t want to miss out on this when driving the Southern Cross-Island Highway. During your visit, enjoy a piping hot footbath that will ease away all your stress and fatigue. Eat some eggs you’ve cooked in the hot spring and take in the beautiful walls of golden stalactites. (Please note: Hot spring water is hot. Before fully submerging, test out the temperature of the water first.)

Address: 184.5K mark on the Southern Cross-Island Highway, Haiduan Township, Taitung County
Suggested Duration: half an hour


5th Stop: Lidao Tribal Village

Lidao Village is like the idyllic paradise depicted in Tao Yuanming’s poem The Peach Blossom Spring. Sitting on a river terrace that’s 1068 meters high, Lidao Village is surrounded by majestic tall mountains. Spectacular green scenery serves as the backdrop for small houses and fields that dot Lidao Village. The entire area exudes a simple and pure atmosphere. The air is crisp and cool because Lidao Village is located at a relatively high elevation. Visitors to Lidao Village can slow down, breathe in fresh air and enjoy the poetic mountain landscapes. Hang out with the local indigenous Bunun and experience a truly kind and warmhearted culture. (Photo Credit: IG@skyofthehsien)

Address: 177K mark on Provincial Highway 20, Haiduan Township, Taitung County
Suggested Duration: 1 hour


6th Stop: Xiangyang National Forest Recreation Area

Feeling stressed out? Take some of your well-deserved time off and dip into the forest. Wander amongst the therapeutic scent of trees and the refreshing essence of negative ions. Feel yourself unwinding as you listen to the insects and birds fluttering through the forest. Sitting at 2320 meters high, the forest in the Xiangyang National Forest Recreation Area is mainly comprised of Pinus taiwanesis, Alnus formosana and Chamaecyparis formosensis. The abundantly thriving ecosystem here spreads out below vast oceans of dreamy clouds. The recreation area also has a visitor’s center and five forest trails of easy to moderate difficulty. There’s no need to feel concerned about your fitness level here even if you don’t normally hike. (Photo Credit: IG@comerubybaby)

Address: No. 7 Xiangyang 3rd Neighborhood, Lidao Village, Haiduan Township, Taitung County
Phone Number: 089-337-167
Hours of Operation: 08:00-17:00
Suggested duration: 2 hours


7th Stop: Xiangyang Campground

Staying at Xiangyang Campground ticks three boxes at once. At dawn, enjoy the scenery draped in a sea of clouds. At dusk, overlook the surrounding valley bathed in golden light. At night, gaze up at the heavens blanketed in stars. The campground is very well designed and currently has 25 four-person campsites. In addition, there are the basic facilities that every decent campsite should have, such as a cooking area, a bathroom and a water machine. The campsites are on high wooden platforms with lights that make it easy to get around at night and have electrical sockets for charging devices. Please remember that before camping here you need to register first. (Photo Credit: IG@ling309)

Address: No. 1 Xiangyang, Haiduan Township, Taitung County (Xiangyang Recreation Area Campground is located behind the police station, not next to the Xiangyang Mountain Cabin)

Day 2
Rice House → Rowing at Dapo Lake → Bike riding at Mr. Brown Avenue → Fa-yun Amis Cuisine → River trekking in Mulberry Creek → Heisong Mutton Hotpot


1st Stop: Rice House

When visiting the East Rift Valley, you must go to Chishang. And when in Chishang, you’ve got to try the rice. Coming down from the mountains early in the morning, start your day off full of energy with a breakfast filled with some deliciously unique Chishang rice. Rice House offers handmade rice dishes such as hamburgers with rice buns, rice bread and rice souffle. The delicious cuisine here leaves the aroma of delectable rice across your palate. The two owners love music and travel. Their restaurant displays their private collection of knickknacks and art. This refined secret spot makes people feel right at home. (Photo Credit: IG@picgraphon1)

Address: No. 2 Chonghua Rd, Chishang Township, Taitung County
Phone Number: 0933-081-045
Hours of Operation: 10:00-17:00 (Closed on Tuesdays)


2nd Stop: Rowing at Dapo Lake

After eating breakfast, head to Chishang’s Dapo Lake, a place that’s been deemed as one of the top ten scenic spots in Taitung. Dapo Lake is a natural lake that was formed from fault line activity. Pleasant scenery is visible from the flat well-paved walkway that goes around the lake. From a boat, you can get closer to the spectacular scenery. There are many options such as a traditional bamboo raft, canoe, SUP, two-person peddle boat, or you can opt for a tour on the tourist boat. Meld into the placid scenery as you gently sway on the surface of the lake and take in the gentle refreshing breeze.

Address: No. 23 Fudao Rd, Chishang Township, Taitung County
Suggested duration: 1.5 hours


3rd Stop: Bike riding at Mr. Brown Avenue

Mr. Brown Avenue is one of the most popular spots in Chishang that probably doesn’t need much further introduction. A leisurely bike ride is definitely the best way to experience Mr. Brown Avenue. A large expanse of vast rice fields spread out under the backdrop of sweeping majestic mountains without a powerline for as far as the eye can see. The beautiful scenery that’s been preserved in its natural state brings up unforgettable sentiments for one’s own hometown. Riding through the winding streets that snake through the fields, take in panoramic views of swaying rice stalks from all angles. Unwind your stress and emotional knots as you commune with the rhythm of a pleasant breeze.

Address: Mr. Brown Avenue, Chishang Township, Taitung County
Suggested duration: 1.5 hours


4th Stop: Fa-yun Amis Cuisine

Fa-yun Amis Cuisine serves indigenous Amis menu-less dining that uses the finest ingredients from the East Rift Valley to create a mouthwatering array of classic dishes. The food here leaves diners licking their fingers for every last drop of flavor. The restaurant’s specialty is their grilled fish that is fresh, tender and melts in your mouth. Their roasted pork is refined and satisfying. Diners can’t put their chopsticks down once they start eating the pleasantly chewy rice grown right in Chishang. The vibes are extra thick as the restaurant plays indigenous music. The owner is a gracious host and makes you feel like you’re a friend coming over for a meal. Please note: Make a reservation before coming. Currently, Fa-yun Amis Cuisine is only accepting parties of four or more.

Address: No. 51 Neighborhood 5 Dapu Village, Chishang Township, Taitung County
Phone Number: 0917-838-023
Hours of Operation: 18:30–21:00 (Closed on Mondays and Tuesdays)


5th Stop: River trekking in Mulberry Creek

Mulberry Creek is a side stream that forks off from Danan River. The water here is clear and unpolluted because there aren’t any houses or businesses upstream. A trip here can soothe your weary heart. Flanked by a steep ravine, the riverbed you can river trace through takes on many shapes and forms. With a trained guide at the helm, even beginners can safely enjoy exciting moments such as swimming in waterfalls and cliff jumping. The memories made here will surely last for the rest of your life. (Photo Credit: IG@ksadmg)

Address: No. 3 Dongyuan 2nd Street, Dongyuan Village, Beinan Township, Taitung County
For more information: Please contact a local river trekking guide


6th Stop: Heisong Mutton Hotpot

After spending the afternoon submerged in a refreshing stream, drive out the chill by eating some mutton hotpot at night. Heisong Mutton Hotpot serves up reasonably priced classic dishes that locals love and are well-known throughout Taiwan. The sweet and mellow soup is made with Chinese medicinal herbs. One sip is enough to warm up your tummy and entire body. Mutton here is stewed to a soft tender perfection that doesn’t smell gamey and melts in your mouth. Your inner mutton lover has got to come here and try it out. (Photo Credit: IG@yth86)

Address: No. 144-2 Zhiben Rd., Section 3, Taitung City, Taitung County
Phone Number: 089-512-477
Hours of Operation: 11:00–13:30, 16:30–21:00 (Closed on Wednesdays)

Day 3
Dulan Beach Yoga → Participate in “TTStyle Food” Tour

3.1都蘭日出ok@ujc Photography

1st Stop: Dulan Beach Yoga

In the soft glow of dawn, the best secret spot to watch the sunrise has got to be Dulan Beach. From the viewing platform walk down to the beach, which is usually empty and very tranquil. From the silky sand, look out at the waves rolling in across the Pacific Ocean. Listen to the surf lapping up against the shore and let a gentle breeze awaken your slumbering body. This experience will completely relax your mind and soul and generate feelings of peace and serenity. (Photo Credit: IG@ujc_photography)

Address: Provincial Highway 11, Donghe Township, Taitung County (Turn into the alley across from the Dulan Police Station)

1部落食尚 星期一行程

2nd Stop: Participate in “TTStyle Food” Tour

When talking about Taitung cuisine, it’s inevitable that flavorful indigenous food comes up. TTStyle Food has launched 7 exclusive innovative tours that bring together indigenous cuisine and meaningful cultural experiences. Tours will set out every day from now until the end of December as long as 6 people sign up. The tours go through indigenous villages across Taitung, from north to south and only cost NT $1980 each! This kind of opportunity is hard to come by and is certainly something you don’t want to miss! (Photo Credit: FB@ ttstylefood)

Official Website: