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Creative Connections

Even though there are as many art styles as there are people, the drive to create is something that spans across all culture. The Nanhui Art Project hopes to showcase the power of art to connect people regardless of ethnicity or age.

The Project has invited 14 artists to set up instillations along the coast of southern Taitung County. Nanhui, or the South Link, is the southern part of Taitung County and Pingtung County. This area is largely indigenous Paiwan and has an atmosphere unique to this part of Taiwan. These instillations aim to showcase the unique lifestyle of the people here as well as what makes this part of Taiwan special.

For instance, Qui Shang-wei is an artist that moved to Taitung because of its scenic and cultural beauty. In his work, he aims to persuade young people to stay in their rural hometowns. Through his large metal sculpture of the ocean, he hopes viewers will see the South Link as a place with room to grow.

The 14 unique instillations are weaved together through the theme, Sicevudan, or “Forward From Here.” It’s a Paiwan word that means converging with the source. Through Sicevduan, art can bridge ethnic groups and bring people together despite physical boundaries.

The festival has brought together many different Paiwan artists from different parts of the South Link. Aruwai Kaumaka is from Pingtung, but the festival drew him to Taimali. For the Project, Kaumaka used weaving techniques his grandmother taught him to create a series of colorful doorways on the beach near the train station.

Likewise, Aichi Rao is excited that the festival gave the members of her village a reason to work together. Ninety percent of her instillation was made from people in her local village. Moreover, it got young people involved in something they found meaningful.

One of the festival’s foreign artists also brought in themes of inclusivity into his work. The commonalities between different Austronesian cultures inspired Andres Amador to design the patterns for his sand sculptures.

Pending the COVID-19 pandemic, come visit these instillations and feel the power of art to move people physically and spiritually.

Starry Taitung Night Concert

A series of outdoor concerts are set to kick off on September 4 in Taitung. Due to the ongoing COVID-19 epidemic, the concert will strictly adhere to disease prevention measures.

The Taitung County Government has hosted the Starry Taitung Night series since 2018. The series has created a unique nocturnal way of experiencing Taitung. This year the Taitung County Government wants these concerts to integrate sustainability, meaningful travel, and the concepts of "Authenticity, Friendliness and Beauty.” Therefore, the government spared no effort in applying for the ISO Event Sustainability Management Systems 20121 certification. The Starry Taitung Night Concert ranked top ten on the must-attend activities in Taitung. The entire program will include seven performances throughout the county this year. Concertgoers can lounge around under the starry sky while enjoying some of Taiwan’s best musicians.

The first concert will take place in Shanyuan Bay of Beinan Township on September 4. Paiwan signer, A-Bao, will get the show started. A-Bao recently gained national recognition as the artist who took home the most awards at the 31st Golden Melody Awards in 2020.

Other musicians at the Starry Night Concert include the Chin-Ai Orchestra, the Buklavu Cultural and Art Troupe and the National Symphony Orchestra. The shows are set to be staged at the Bunun Cultural Museum, Baxian Caves, and Dawu Coastal Park.

All concerts will be held under an open night sky at scenic spots around the county, said Taitung County Magistrate April Yao. The magistrate was deeply moved by one of the 2019 concerts. She hopes that everyone has the chance to experience it for themselves this year.

The Taitung County Government aims to promote sustainable travel by offering excursions day and night, year round. The threat of coronavirus is easing. Despite this, all events will still follow all disease prevention measures and social distancing rules as stipulated by the central government. For more information, please visit the Starry Taitung Night Concert's official website: or search "StarryTaitung" on Instagram.

Shanyuan Beach Park Reopens

Despite Taitung’s stunning beauty, its 176 kilometers of coastline is home to only a few sandy beaches. One of these is located a short drive away from Taitung City at Shanyuan Bay. This stretch of precious white sand beach is tucked neatly in between the azure blue ocean and the swaying palms trees that line the coastal mountains.

As of August 24, Shanyuan Beach Park officially reopened to the public for the first time since 2003. Visitors can once again come here and enjoy a beach that’s beautiful and safe. From 8/24 to 9/30, the public can swim in a 100-by-100 meter lifeguarded area cordoned off by buoys. In this zone, people can also snorkel, SUP and enjoy other water sports that don’t involve a motor.

The County Government prioritized environmental protection when selecting who would run the beach park. Through an open bidding process, the organization that used to run the nearby ocean conservation center took over day to day operations in March. They’ll oversee beach maintenance, the lifeguard tower and general management.

In the future, the management team will determine how crowds are impacting the area’s coral reefs and marine wildlife. If there is evidence of degradation, the County Government may implement crowd control measures.

The beach first opened to the public in 1987 when the County Government built basic recreational facilities and a parking lot. However, in 2003, the beach closed when construction on a resort started. Due to environmental and public land issues, the government bought the resort back after it was finished for NT $629 million in 2020.

The County Government thought such a precious stretch of beach should be available for everyone to enjoy. Therefore, the resort remains empty as the County Government decides how it can serve the public in the future.

Currently, disease prevention measures are still in place. Only 500 people a day will be allowed access to the beach every day. When you visit, remember to wear a face mask and maintain social distance whenever on shore.

Coming Events

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* PLEASE NOTE: Event dates are subject to change or cancel due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Please also refer to the websites of specific events for more information.