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2021 Vol 06 Taitung Times
2021 Vol 06 Taitung Times
Starry Taitung Night

When was the last time you went stargazing? “Starry Taitung Night,” one of the most popular event of the year in Tatiung is back! The Starry Taitung Night Concert has made huge strides this year. This event is now more than just beautiful, it’s sustainably amazing. This year the Taitung County Government wants these concerts to integrate sustainability, meaningful travel, and the concepts of "Authenticity, Friendliness, and Beauty.” Therefore, the government has spared no effort in applying for the ISO Event Sustainability Management Systems 20121 certification.

Taitung is located in a very sparsely populated area. It boasts fresh air, very little light pollution, and broad open skies. This is the best place in Taiwan for stargazing. Tilt your head up and enjoy the vast and endless Milky Way. The Taitung County Government has been holding “Starry Taitung Night” since 2018. This unique night tourism combines unique activities in Taitung, such as contests for the best place to stargaze in Taitung with Starry Taitung Night Concerts. The Taitung County Government is committed to making Taitung a star lovers’ paradise by giving visitors the most exquisite stargazing experience.

“Starry Taitung Night” is consistently on the top-10 list of things to do in Taitung. “Starry Taitung Night“includes seven international musical performances this year. The first concert will take place at Baxian Caves of Changbin Township. Performers from the National Symphony Orchestra will kick off the concert series. In addition, the series will also organize courses to train guides for the Starry Taitung Night Tour. The trainees will get a chance to lead the tour of an actual event. The County Government also aims to promote a circular economy by linking up guides with tour operators.

Starry Taitung Night of 2021 is a 7-month event that goes from April to October. The Taitung County Government always aims to promote a sustainable economy by offering excursions day and night, year-round. For more information, please visit the Starry Taitung Night Concert’s official website and Facebook page or search “StarryTaitung” on Instagram.

◆ Events might be rescheduled or modified due to the COVID-19 epidemic.

2021 Vol 06 Taitung Times
More than a Market
2021 Vol 06 Taitung Times

The 2626 Market is more than just a place to buy everyday veggies. It’s a place where everyday people gather to showcase power of community.

Around 13 years ago, the market’s founder, Mr. Wu, took stroll in what’s known as the Wuling Green Tunnels. This former Japanese highway road is still lined with tall, lush trees that were planted around 100 years ago.

Even though businesses are now sprouting up around the Green Tunnels, this wasn’t always the case. Taitung’s main throughfare moved over to Highway 9 in the 90s. In the following years, the community pretty much forgot about the Green Tunnels, and Mr. Wu feared that the trees would get cut down.

Therefore, in 2009, he started a coffee fair in the Green Tunnels. Mr. Wu figured the public would be more likely to protect the tunnels if they started spending more time there.

Mr. Wu’s vision resonated with people that appreciated the fair’s relaxed vibe under the trees. As the fair gained traction, Mr. Wu started to think outside the tunnels themselves. He wanted to help out local farmers by giving them a platform to sell their products to a larger market. Thus, in 2012 the 2626 Market was born.

At first, there were only around 20 stalls selling local fruits and veggies. However, the market now boasts around 60 stalls. The market has also evolved to showcase the ingenuity of local artisans and chefs. Visitors can buy anything from wood kitchenware to handknit bags and vases made out of polished stone. In terms of food, the market’s grilled corn, steamed buns, and ice cream are crowd favorites.

In 2015, the market expanded again and opened its own 24-hour general store. The store, run on the honor-system, takes in NT $10,000 a month. This money is used to fund local charity projects and pay young people that help out during the event.

The market runs from 2-6pm every other Saturday. Mr. Wu is proud that they can hold the market so often and provide a valuable service to the entire community. Thus, going to the market is an inspiring way to see good people doing good things.

Fun at the Kiddie Table

Everything was looking bright for the April Taitung Slow Food Festival. The vendors had prepped, the sun was out, and everyone had their reusable utensils ready to go. And then, the unthinkable happened. On April 2, a Taroko Express train carrying people down for the holiday weekend derailed.

News reached the festival’s organizers the day before it was scheduled to start. After painful deliberation with the Taitung County Government, the event went on as planned. Everyone figured that the power of unity and the comfort of authentic cuisine would help people through this calamity.

Since 2017, Taitung has been the only place in Taiwan that hosts regular slow food festivals. This time the festival took place in Guanshan. This was the first time a Taitung slow food festival was held outside of the city center.

Traditionally, Guanshan was a tourist hotspot. But, in the last 20 years or so, Guanshan has been overshadowed by other more popular destinations in Taitung. Therefore, this festival was a boon for Guanshan tourism. By Sunday afternoon, 5000 people had visited the area.

This slow food festival was themed “Fun at the Kiddie Table.” This vibrant display of wholistic cuisine aimed to get kids excited about eating local, unique and healthy food. More importantly, in light of the train accident, it showed the therapeutic effect of a delicious meal with loved ones.

Out of the 35 Taitung vendors that applied, 27 were accepted for this event. The vendors were grouped into themes such as “Reliving Childhood,” “New Takes on Tradition” and “Nutritious is Delicious.” Most vendors sourced around 70% of their ingredients locally. They then turned agricultural treasures into everything from German dumplings to popsicles.

Kids at the event particularly liked the “McSlow” stall, which featured cassava fries and fermented winter melon cola. Like everything at the festival, “McSlow” also showed kids that food from their backyard without added sugar and oil is just as delicious as your average fast-food joint.

If you missed this shining example of sustainable travel, no need to worry. Taitung will host two more slow food festivals this year in July and December.

For more info, please visit the Slow Food Taitung Facebook Page:

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2021 Vol 06 Taitung Times