Ttpush Promotes Sustainable Development In Taitung

TTPush, launched by the Taitung County Government, is the country’s first push-type government app platform. As of last year (2023), it has officially gained over 120,000 members. TTPush’s value-added services integrate the virtual currency ‘TTCoin,’ allowing people to receive county government service notifications while also enjoying the fun of collecting points and redeeming rewards. With diverse features such as coin missions, discounts and deals, and parking fee payments, TTPush aims to create a comprehensive smart living experience in Taitung.

The ‘TTCoin’ has established an innovative model in Taitung for county government promotion and economic revitalization. It simultaneously helps local businesses with digital transformation, creating new digital economic opportunities and enhancing people’s experiences of digital life, thus continually increasing user engagement. The digitized promotional methods encourage active participation from the public in accessing various services and event information provided by the county government. This has saved the county government nearly NT$400 million in marketing and SMS notification costs. For the county government, utilizing a subscription model enables precise communication of public affairs to those in need, replacing traditional spending on promotional materials with the distribution of TTCoins. This not only cuts costs but also motivates people to actively participate in social activities, promoting social inclusivity and engagement.

Moreover, TTCoins, combined with the functions of urban virtual coins, allow people to use coins for consumption discounts at nearly 600 designated shops throughout Taitung County. Additionally, users can enjoy exclusive discounts provided by participating businesses by presenting their membership code at nearly 20 digital county citizen venues nationwide. Utilizing coins for consumption also promotes contactless payments, enhancing payment security and convenience. TTPush has brought about new ideas and methods for county government promotion and economic revitalization, while also providing people with a richer digital life experience.

Cao Jianqiu, Director of International Development and Planning at Taitung County Government, stated that TTPush’s membership is currently growing by about 100 people per week, with a total membership exceeding 120,000 people, far surpassing 50% of Taitung County’s total population. TTPush utilizes the ubiquitous smartphone as a smart service platform, closely connecting the government, businesses, and the public, promoting digital governance, digital life, and digital economy experience.

TTPush is expanding the depth and breadth of public services, becoming the only county government app in Taiwan that combines intelligence, health, and sustainability into one. In 2022, with the goal of “cross-platform, cross-Taitung, cross-international,” TTPush upgraded its “parking fee function.” Not only can local parking fees in Taitung be paid using TTCoins online, but even roadside parking fees in other counties and cities can now be settled directly through the app. To accommodate senior citizens and foreign nationals, TTPush introduced a web version and an automatically switching between multi-language interfaces, providing the most user-friendly and convenient experience.

Furthermore, TTPush launched a “smart battery recycling for coins” program, aiming to educate about the importance of balancing economics and sustainable development. It provides incentives to encourage members to actively participate in environmental actions, increasing recycling rates, reducing battery pollution, and promoting circular economic development, thus achieving a win-win for the economy and the environment. In November 2023, TTPush introduced new features, pioneering the integration of coin rewards to encourage people to walk more and track their calorie consumption and carbon reduction through smartphone step-tracking data. It also encourages the use of electronic invoices and offers TTCoins to those who donate electronic invoices, promoting technological public welfare initiatives.

TTPush has now been launched for a full 7 years, boasting over 120,000 members and nearly 600 local partner businesses. The “TTCoin” has not only pioneered a new marketing model in Taitung but also encouraged people to actively participate in various services and activities. It integrates industry marketing strategies to revitalize the local economy and aligns with SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals). Through features like paying for parking with gold coins, exchanging waste batteries for coins, and providing various discounts and activities, TTPush encourages people to adopt a more environmentally friendly and sustainable lifestyle. It balances environmental protection with economic benefits and contributes to creating a more harmonious and inclusive atmosphere in local communities, fostering urban prosperity and reflecting Taitung’s unique slow-economic lifestyle.