Do you want to leave a lasting impression of the lovely natural sites of Taitung in your mind? A leisurely bike trip might be a great option for you. After arriving at the Taitung Train Station, you can easily rent bicycles in the city and begin your low-carbon mini trip. If you begin your journey at the Beinan Cultural Park, make sure to check out the moon-shaped pillar. The moon-shaped pillar is a grade I historic relic that was discovered in the Beinan archaeological site. Then, ride down Mahengheng Boulevard and enjoy the beautiful scenery. You’ll pass by Taitung Forest Park and the Seashore Park, finally arriving at the Taitung County Environmental Education Center where you can make this trip fun and educational. While you’re riding your bicycle, feel the gentle breeze on your face and immerse yourself in the present. Feel and observe your surroundings and you’ll surely make unforgettable memories.

圖片來源 台東觀光旅遊網 1 台東環境教育中心
圖片來源 台東觀光旅遊網 卑南古遺址
圖片來源 台東觀光旅遊網 2 台東環境教育中心

Stop 1: Beinan Archaeological Site

Your low-carbon mini-trip begins at the Taitung Train Station, and your first stop will be the Beinan archaeological site. The Beinan archaeological site is the first archaeological park in Taiwan, it also has the largest scale and most complete pre-historic tribal type data. The site is also the location of the largest stone-slab tomb burial site in the Pacific Rim and Southeast Asia area.

The Beinan archaeological site is worth visiting for gaining prehistoric culture, aboriginal culture, and natural scenic views. The exhibition halls will teach you about the Beinan archaeological site and culture, while you can find a 1:1-dimensional model of pre-historic houses, Beinan youth group houses, and family houses at the park. There are two observation decks on either side of the park where you can overlook the entire park. If you’re lucky, you might even observe some archaeological excavation work.

The archaeological site is on open ground, with large and flat grassy fields, a natural plant forest, and archaeological fields. Entering the park, you will feel transported through time to scenes from thousands of years ago to witness history unfolding before you. The Beinan archaeological site is the perfect mixture of fun and education.

  • Address: No. 200 Wenhua Gongyuan Rd., Taitung City, Taitung County

  • Phone number: 08-9233466

  • Public Transportation: Taiwan Tourist Shuttle “8168A East Rift Valley Luye Line” to “Beinan archaeological site”

  • Hours of Operation: 09:00-17:00, Closed on Mondays

Stop 2: Taitung County Environmental Education Center

Make the Taitung County Environmental Education Center the destination of your ride so that your trip can be filled with educational meaning and also envelop the spirit of environmental sustainability. The Taitung County Environmental Education Center is currently in the Sustainable Ark Hall managed by the Environmental Protection Bureau Taitung County Government. The Sustainable Ark Hall is inspired by the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs); the three main themes of the exhibition are environment, ecosystem, and sustainability.

The first floor of the hall is mainly the “educational space,” which displays Taitung’s sustainable environmental landscape, showing visitors how to sustain different environments while also presenting Taitung as a friendly and livable city. The second floor houses the experience space, offering things we can do in our daily lives to promote an eco-friendly lifestyle, learning about sustainability concepts, and the sustainable practices that Taitung is promoting. The third floor is used for special exhibitions, offering space to promote environmental causes and sustainable ideas. Digital interactive activities that engage the public will create an innovative learning experience to help bring environmental sustainability concepts into our daily lives, encouraging participation and gradual lifelong habit changes.

  • Address: No. 525, section 1 Linhai Rd., Taitung City

  • Phone number: 08-9359049

  • Hours of Operation: 08:30-17:30, closed on Saturdays and Sundays