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“The whole world is watching us! Taiwan opens more places!” The slogan on the Challenge Taiwan 2020 registration page reminds us that 2020 is a very challenging and meaningful year.

There are five events in this year’s Challenge Taiwan 2020 combining swimming, cycling, and road running. The classic venue for the swimming event is Flowing Lake, situated in Taitung City. In a lake with a length of 1,200 meters and a width of 100 meters and a water depth of about 2.5 meters, the athletes must swim 2 times counter-clockwise. The following bicycle race departs from Taitung City and proceeds along the beautiful coastline. Participants in the Challenge Taiwan 226 and 113 have to go even further to Paong’ong to turn back. The final road run is 42.2 kilometers long, and ends in the atmospheric Tiehua Village. While competing in the entire schedule, players will be able to fully experience the beauty of Taitung’s mountains and seas!

Challenge Taiwan

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Contest Date: November 14, 15th, 2020

Competition Location: Taitung Sea Line area, Taitung City


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