Hipster Day Trip in Chishang—Guide to Good Views and Good Food

The humble countryside atmosphere, lovely scenic views, and relaxing slow-paced living, all of these things are what many people yearn for when visiting Chishang. What are some fun places to visit when in Chishang for a holiday? This article will share with you all the places you must visit on your next hipster trip to Chishang. Follow our itinerary to experience the elegant and cultural-filled trip through Chishang.


Route 1: Morning Bike Ride Through Chishang’s Rice Paddies

Seasoned travelers to Chishang know that the best way to experience it is a morning bike ride through the fields. Get away from the crowds and experience the most peaceful, quiet, and poetic vibe. Start your trip from downtown Chishang and ride roughly 10 minutes either way to reach some rice paddies. If you arrive between 6 and 7 AM, you’ll be welcomed with the fresh grassy morning breeze. With clouds in the distance mountains and views of endless rice paddies, allow your mind and body to relax in the natural surroundings. If you visit early in the morning, you won’t find groups of tourists snapping photos everywhere, and you won’t be stuck in the hustling and bustling traffic. The only people you might run into are a couple of farmers starting their day off with some work and catching up with their neighbors. This is the real way to experience a simple farming life.(Photo credit:IG@miho136

  • Address: Chishang Township, Taitung County
  • Suggested visit time: 1 hour
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Route 2: Enjoy Bbreakfast at Dachi Tofu

Chishang is filled with interesting stories, even the simplest breakfast shop has some history worth exploring. Dachi Tofu, located on Dapu road in Chishang, looks like a normal tin house hidden in the small country roads. The store has made soy products using the traditional method for the last five decades and is a popular breakfast joint amongst the locals. The shop has become so popular that tourists will line up to get a taste. The lines start building up around 8 AM and you’ll find customers waiting outside all day long. Come too late and everything might be sold out. The only items sold at Dapu Tofu are tofu skin, soy milk, soy pudding, and kimchi, of which the pan-fried tofu skin is the most popular item. The tofu skin is fried to crispy perfection, take a bite and you’ll be surprised by bursting flavors and textures. The soy milk and soy pudding are rich and fragrant. This is a store that you won’t want to miss out on!(Photo credit: IG@qqbiggreen1029

  • Address: No. 39-2 Dapu Rd., Chishang Township, Taitung County

  • Phone: 089-862-392
  • Opening Time: 07:00–14:00 (Closed on Wednesdays)
  • Suggested visit time: 30 minutes
  • Website: Dachi Tofu FB

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Route 3: See an Eexhibition at the Chishang Art Center

There’s a quiet little place not too far from downtown Chishang where you can catch a breath from the business and get connected to this small town through art, it’s the Chishang Art Center. The Chishang Art Center is renovated from half-century old barns. The original humble style and wooden beams have been kept as each pillar and piece of wood carry memories of the Chishang people. The space is used by the residents of Chishang to promote and exchange art education. The venue is spacious, bright, and clean, displaying artwork by Chishang resident artists so that you can enjoy the artistic vibe in a comfortable space.(Photo credit: IG@ dve.hayato

  • Address: No. 6 Chongxi 3rd Rd., Chishang Township, Taitung County
  • Phone: 089-862-089
  • Opening Time: 10:30–17:30 (Closed on Mondays and Tuesdays)
  • Suggested visit time: 1 hour

Route 4: Shop at Doremi Story Museum and Buy Some Presents to Bring Home

Besides having the most suitable water and soil conditions, the generations of farming wisdom that have been passed down have allowed Chishang to offer many quality types and brands of rice. You can learn all about the history of rice in Chishang at the Doremi Story Museum. There are guided tours and rice mills that guests can explore. There is even a two-story-tall traditional wooden rice huller that represents the inheritance of the three-generation rice factory. There is a movie showroom space where guests can watch and learn about the history of the rice town, the process of growing and producing rice, and more. After gaining a full understanding of rice, head over to the Direct Sales Shop where you can buy unique agricultural products that are exclusive to Taitung. The store is curated in an elegant and classy way that will make your shopping experience pleasant and enjoyable.(Photo credit: IG@chuuu1025

Doremi Story Museum

  • Address: No. 193 Zhongshan Rd., Chishang Township, Taitung County
  • Phone: 089-862-033
  • Opening Time: 08:00–20:00 (Friday to Tuesday), 08:00–17:00 (Wednesday and Thursday)
  • Suggested visit time: 30 minutes

Chishang Township Farmers’ Association: Chishang Direct Sales Shop

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Route 5: Have Lunch Atat The Origin Ofof Chishang Lunch Boxes

The sweet and full Chishang rice grains are truly an unforgettable experience. The rice in Chishang is so famous that many vendors from around Taiwan use the name “Chishang Lunch Box”. If you want to taste the most authentic Chishang lunch box, you must travel to The Origin and visit Wu-tao Chishang Lunch Box Cultural Story Museum. Did you know that the lunch box has over 70 years of history? The original vendor made rice balls using Chishang rice, filling it with meat, pickled plums, and other ingredients, and finally wrapping the lunch in bamboo leaves, thus the name “rice pouch” came about. Wu-tao Lunch Box collaborated with the Chishang Township Office in 2002 to create the Chishang Lunch Box Cultural Story Museum. You can see traditional farming equipment on display, showing scenes from the past to help you learn about the history and changes the “rice pouch” has experienced over the years. There is a dining space in the venue that is classic and elegant. Tourists can enjoy a unique dining experience in the retired train carts and reminisce about the old times.(Photo credit:IG@airnekao

  • Address: No. 259 Chongxiao Rd., Chishang Township, Taitung County
  • Phone: 089-862-326
  • Opening Time: 10:30–19:00
  • Suggested visit time: 30 minutes

Route 6: Biking Through Mr. Brown Avenue

Gaze at the stunning mountains and endless rice paddies, there’s not a single utility pole blocking your view. The lovely Jingxing 3rd road became famous after Mr. Brown Cafe and Eva Airways filmed their advertisements here, causing the location to later be known as “Mr. Brown Avenue”. The poetic image has also since been engraved in the audience’s minds. Many visitors travel to Chishang to recreate the scenes from Takeshi Kaneshiro’s advertisement, riding bicycles through the paddies and cooling off under the red cedar tree. The entire Mr. Brown Avenue trail is 2.2 km long. When visiting, take a moment to enjoy the slowed-down pace of life, and immerse yourselves in the wavy golden fields while listening to the trickling water and light fragrance of rice grains. You’ll be sure to enjoy this breath of fresh air and feel rejuvenated when you leave.(Photo credit:Taitung County Government)

  • Address: Mr. Brown Avenue, Chishang Township, Taitung County
  • Suggested visit time: 2 hours
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Route 7: Enjoy an Afternoon Tea at Chishang Promenade

Escape the concrete jungle and your usual environment and take a stroll around a special place. Chishang Promenade will allow you to relax and see the world from a new angle. This is the motto of “Chishang Promenade”. The owner rented the house in 2015 and created a workshop space to share their way of life with guests. The store doesn’t have a big sign of fancy decoration, rather it is more like a hidden hipster coffee shop. The interior is decorated in a unique way, with a wall of books and fun antique gadgets that creates a humanistic atmosphere. Their handmade drinks and snacks are also highly rated. The tiramisu has the perfect sweetness, melt-in-your-mouth cake, and rich coffee fragrance. Find an afternoon when you are free to experience the leisurely town life, enjoy a nice afternoon tea, and chat with the owner for an authentic Chishang slow-paced afternoon.(Photo credit: IG@leon_1015_

  • Address: No. 99 Zhongshan Rd., Chishang Township, Taitung County
  • Phone: 0986-367-216
  • Opening Time: 14:00–21:00 (Closed on Saturday and Sunday)
  • Suggested visit time: 1 hour

Route 8: Enjoy Dinner at Shu Shi Nan Hai

Are you still under the misconception that vegetarian meals are high in fats, unfilling, and boring? Shu Shi Nan Hai is here to change your mind about all your biased views of vegetarian meals. The vendor values healthy eating. The food is prepared with self-grown vegetables with no added processed ingredients. All the recipes are created by the vendors, including dragon fruit fried rice, pumpkin curry, and more. The dishes are light and refreshing. Even the colors of dishes are coordinated to create a feast for your eyes. The dining environment is clean and elegant, with conformable lighting and spacious seating. Shu Shi Nan Hai also offers menu-less meals that include an appetizer, main, dessert, and fruit tea. Those who are interested should make a reservation one day in advance.(Photo credit: IG@travelmadetintin

  • Address: No. 69 Zhonghua Rd., Chishang Township, Taitung County
  • Phone: 089-863-073
  • Opening Time: 12:00–14:00, 18:00–20:00 (Closed on Tuesday)
  • Suggested visit time: 1.5 hours