7 indigenous food experiences

What to eat in Taitung? When it comes to Taitung cuisine, you must not miss the aboriginal cuisine. Taidong Lok Shi Shang also launched 7 exclusive innovative itineraries, linking tribal food with in-depth cultural experience. From now until the end of December, 6 people will travel from Monday to Sunday and depart every day. There are tribes in Taitung from north to south, and the cost of each route is only 1,980 yuan! A rare opportunity, don’t miss it!
The 7 routes are rich in itineraries, and each itinerary also arranges tribal people to lead travelers to experience the tribal flavor, allowing travelers to have an in-depth understanding of the cultural stories of ethnic groups and tribes. What’s more inspiring is that in order to save passengers from the inconvenience of picking up and transferring on their own, all trips are also arranged to be picked up by special buses in Taitung City, making it easy for passengers to travel. (Photo source: Provided by the Taidong Lushi Shang Project)


[Monday Route]: Collect roaming Jianhe tribes and make hunters take-out meal packs by yourself
#Main itinerary: Jianhe tribe guides household collection, makes hand-made hunter take-out meal packages, and experiences tribal grass dining tables

The Jianhe Tribe, formerly known as the “Shemagan Tribe”, is located on the outskirts of Taitung City. It is dominated by Puyuma people. The tribe is internationally known for its “Wood Carving Village”. Many wood carving art installations with cultural background stories have been erected on the street corners. The itinerary will take everyone to visit the tribe, feel the antique style of the original tribe, and arrange collection experience for tribal households. The collected plants will also be used to make Pinalupuk for hunters to go up the mountain to increase interaction with the tribe. You will taste the “grass table bento” that collects the flavors of tribal mothers, creative youth dishes, and innovative flavors developed with water chestnut leaves, which will surprise you with every bite. (Photo source: Provided by the Taidong Lushi Shang Project)
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[Tuesday Route]: Roaming in the Back Mountain of Kanas|Experience of fierce battle with traditional spinning top
#Main Itinerary: Kanasui Roaming and Guided Tour of Houshan, Bunun Culture Gyro Experience, Kanasui Special Dining

Kanasui is located on the Wuling Tribe Mountain in Yanping Township, where the Bunun people live and farm in Wuling. Following the pace of the fourth-generation owner Biung, roaming in the mountains step by step, you can recognize the life wisdom of Bunun hunters in the forest and breathe the purest Fendor in the forest. Then let’s experience the Bunun custom of praying for a good harvest, “huvias”. It turns out that spinning tops is not just for children’s play, but also a dialogue between the tribe and the land. The longer the spinning tops, the faster the millet grows. The tribesmen pray for a bumper harvest of millet this year! The itinerary, of course, includes tasting Bunun cuisine made with red quinoa, millet, and oil mango. Through the rich traditional family banquet, the ancestors’ early life is connected. (Photo source: Provided by the Taidong Lushi Shang Project)
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[Wednesday Route]: Five Senses Experience|Looking for the original flavor of the South Loop Line
#Main itinerary: Traditional hand-made by Paiwan people, delicious feast at Tuban Jinsu, and afternoon tea at Lika Jiacun

The south loop line not only has beautiful mountain and sea views, but also contains rich Paiwan culture. Speaking of Paiwan culture, you will definitely think of distinctive totems. In the morning, I will learn the traditional decoration techniques of the Paiwan people at Toban Jinsu. Through the hand-made Paiwan bracelets, I will understand the symbolic meaning of transmission and inject the cultural connotation of the Paiwan people. In modern life, the process is also very healing! Tosaka Jinsu also provides tribal-style meals, using local ingredients to restore the traditional original flavor of Paiwan. Does it mean young? Young hosts will share their homecoming stories with you, not only eating delicious food, but also a strong local feeling. In the afternoon, I will come to Jinlun Beach and enjoy afternoon tea facing the vast Pacific Ocean. While watching the sea, tasting the roasted dishes full of Aboriginal flavors of Lika Coffee. Feel the pace of Jinlun’s slow life, and you can sweep away your worries! (Photo source: Provided by the Taidong Lushi Shang Project)
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[Thursday Course]: Make biscuits leisurely and enjoy light and delicious food
#Main itinerary: Shaonie’s aboriginal flavor baking experience, visit Lulux Suspension Bridge and Huayuan Bay

When you come to Jinfeng Township, which is known as the “Hometown of Hundred Steps”, you will experience a different food culture tour, subverting your established impression of tribal experience and aboriginal cuisine! Is dessert a Western patent? At the Shaonita Handmade Bakery, Paiwan Youth Xiaoxuan will teach you how to make classic biscuits with aboriginal flavors, and then you can enjoy refreshments while enjoying the view of the mountains and wilds at a leisurely pace. After eating the dim sum, stroll to the Lu Lax Suspension Bridge across Jinlun Creek like a rainbow. The bright and modern exterior design connects Jinfeng Township and Taimali Township, allowing you to experience the cultural customs of the two places at the same time. The itinerary also includes a visit to the beautiful and secret Huayuan Bay in Nanhui, where you can overlook the beautiful coastline and the loving landmarks made of driftwood on the beach. (Photo source: Provided by the Taidong Lushi Shang Project)
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[Friday Route]: Enjoy Paiwan Gabunun
#Main itinerary: Luming Suspension Bridge Landscape Recreation Area, Butterfly Valley, Qiaorenmei Tribal Kitchen

The Taoyuan tribe in Yanping Township is also known as the “Pasilau Tribe” (Pasilau), and its residents are mostly Bunun people. The Taoyuan tribe is really like a paradise, with clean mountains and clear water, fresh air, and beautiful scenery everywhere. The scenic spots here are also uniquely beautiful-one of the historical buildings in Taitung, the “Luming Suspension Bridge”. According to legend, it was named because of the frequent wild deer nearby and the deer calls on the bridge. The “Butterfly Valley” has gradually The well-known “Secret of Taitung” once made butterflies extinct because of the destruction of the environment. In recent years, local people have worked hard to restore the fresh atmosphere. Come here to relax and listen to the sound of the gurgling water. In addition to looking at the beautiful scenery, we must also taste the food. We will visit the Qiaorenmei tribe kitchen opened in the tribe. The chef Cuihua is a Paiwan girl who is proficient in plants. She will combine the characteristics of Paiwan and Bunun to make amazing dishes. Also design interesting hand-made experiences to interact with guests! (Photo source: Provided by the Taidong Lushi Shang Project)
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[Saturday route]: Amis traditional smoked fish experience, eating flying fish special meals
#Main itinerary: Fuding coffee smoked fish experience, visit Ami Folk Culture Village, visit Jialulan Recreation Area

The Amis is the most populous aboriginal group on the east coast. During this tour, we will experience the Amis food, art and architectural culture along the coastline, and feel the heroic and hospitable temperament of the tribe. The Ami Folklore Center is themed by the Ami people. The park has an outdoor performance plaza, archery experience area, Ami traditional homes, etc. Come here to experience archery, beading and other activities and enjoy performances. You can also display tribes through the Folklore Center Know more about the Amis in cultural relics exhibitions and handicrafts. It is said that the Ami people are gourmets by the sea. Fuding Coffee is located on the east coastline. It not only has an endless view of the sea, but also introduces a unique smoked fish experience to let you eat! The IG check-in sacred place that is a must-visit for netizens and netizens is planned and organized by the East Management Office of the Jialulan Recreation Area. It has become a natural and artistic coast, which is a highlight of the itinerary. (Photo source: Provided by the Taidong Lushi Shang Project)
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[Sunday route]: Taste the flavor of Rukai feast, experience making traditional food utensils
#Main itinerary: Visit the Dalumak tribe, Dawana’s kitchen, visit Taitung University-Pyramid Library and Tiehua Village Music Village

Friends who like nature and aboriginal culture, don’t miss the trip to explore the Darumak tribe. Dalumak tribe is located in Beinan Township. “Dalumak” means “the place where warriors live.” It is the only Rukai living area in Taitung County. Rukai has developed a unique craft culture since ancient times. The art works are extraordinary. With a professional tribal tour, you will learn about the local Rukai culture and history. If you want to taste traditional Rukai cuisine, of course you have to dine at Wana’s Kitchen. Dawana means “rest” in Rukai language. It creates a comfortable dining environment for travelers and also prepares delicious aboriginal meals for everyone. Such as hunter’s barbecue, a meal, wild vegetable porridge and so on. The itinerary will also visit the “World’s Eight Beauties Library”-Taitung University Library and Taitung Music Distribution Metro Huacun Music Village, allowing you to feel the atmosphere of local art and literature. (Photo source: Provided by the Taidong Lushi Shang Project)
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