2023 Taitung New Year’s Eve Party—Mini Vacation on the East: The Hottest Day Trip Itinerary

Best performers all in Taitung. The 2023 Taitung New Year’s Eve Party is said to be the most anticipated New Year’s Eve Party in Taiwan. The three kings of pop, Tsing-Fong, Mc HotDog, and Crown Lu along with other performers will ring in the new year with you. What’s the best way to enjoy Taitung on New Year’s Eve weekend? Discover Taitung is going to propose some itineraries for you. Let’s plan a mini vacation in the east and explore some fun places in Taitung. ( Banner Photo Credit: IG@ tonytang19 )

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Trip 1: Ring in the New Year in Taimali

If you want to enjoy ringing in the New Year away from the crowd, the Taimali Huayuan Dawn Observation Deck, which was just completed at the end of 2021, is another hot destination for welcoming the first dawn, along with Taimali Dawn Park and RiSheng Platform. The Observation Deck offers a resting area and colorful letters that spell out “TAIMALI” in the central plaza. The scene is even more breathtaking with the endless blue ocean as the backdrop. The deck has a great vantage point allowing guests to take in the entire east coast. Not only will you be able to see the sunrise from above, the railway, Mount Dulan, the Pacific, and other classic Taitung views can all be seen from here. You can even get a good view of the W-shaped Huayuan Bay from the deck. The park thoughtfully provides a schedule of the times trains will pass by for train lovers to snatch some good photos. (Photo Credit:IG @jasonchen52

  • Address: 963 Taimali Township, Taitung County
  • Suggested visit time: 1 hour
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Trip 2: Enjoy the Thrill of Riding an ATV

After being trapped in the concrete jungle for too long, take advantage of the end of the year to clear all your troubles away. Come and experience the thrill of riding an ATV. ATVs allow travelers to explore all types of terrains, and get up close to the jungle, streams, beaches, and other beautiful sceneries. Even those with driving experience will still find it somewhat challenging to navigate bumpy terrain. The coach will take you out for a spin, riding over up and downhill, S curves, and other roads so that riders can get a hang of how to ride the ATV. After some practice, you’ll be able to follow the coach down to the endless beach and enjoy the thrill and excitement of racing along the sandy shore. The activity even includes a photographer who will help you capture this fun experience so that you can indulge yourself fully in the joys of riding the ATV. (Photo Credit:IG @jouhsuan.l

  • Address: No. 135-5 Fishery, Neighborhood 2, SanHe Village, Taimali Township, Taitung County

  • Phone: 0939-234-287
  • Opening Time: 09:00-18:00
  • Suggested visit time: 2 hours
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Trip 3: Enjoy the Fantastical Imagery in Taitung Forest Park

Taitung Forest Park has two dreamy names. As there are many windbreaker casuarina trees, it looks like a dark forest from afar. This has given Forest Park the name “Black Forest.” Another name it has been given is due to the many shaded areas with lakes. The relaxing and beautiful combination makes you feel as though you are in a European lake town, thus, the forest park is also known as “Taiwanese Little Switzerland.” This is the perfect location to spend your leisurely afternoons over the weekends. The spacious park has well-rounded facilities. The walking path and bike path connect three beautiful lakes. You can take a stroll or bike ride through the park and rest in one of the pagodas by the lake. Take some postcard-worthy photos as you enjoy a relaxing and refreshing time here. (Photo Credit:IG @david_shiah

  • Address: No. 300 Huatai Rd., Taitung City, Taitung County
  • Phone: 089-362-025
  • Opening Time: 07:30–19:30
  • Suggested visit time: 3 hours
  • 鐵花新聚落 台東縣政府提供 (4)
  • 臺東縣政府提供 鐵花新聚落 彩繪熱氣球
  • 臺東縣政府提供 鐵花村

Trip 4: Stroll Through the Lively Taitung Market and Explore Local Creative Businesses

If you want to experience the fun New Year’s Eve vibe, why not head towards Fantasy Tiehua which is located in downtown Taitung City? Fantasy Tiehua is a market filled with unique Taitung specialty items and crafts. You’ll have a great time shopping and finding little treasures. Both sides of the main street are illuminated with hot air balloon-shaped street lights that create a mystical and romantic ambiance. After shopping in the area, make sure you visit the TTstyle wave house which is made from 50 shipping containers to create a 4-story building. The main purpose of the structure is to promote culture and creative businesses, attracting many aboriginal creative workshops to set up shop here. You can also find aboriginal specialty meals, coffee, and desserts here. (Photo Credit:Taitung County Government)

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Trip 5: Feasting at the Taitung Night Market

You can’t say that you’ve visited Taitung if you haven’t been to the Taitung Night Market. The foodie street, Zhengqi Road is a short 5-minute walk from Fantasy Tiehua. This is the perfect place to experience the exciting New Year’s Eve while enjoying delicious foods one after another. Zhengzi Road Night Market is only open on weekends or during holidays at night. Stalls begin setting up around 5 pm and there’s just about any delicacy you can think of. From Shandong duck heads, Patrick star-shaped oyster pancakes, and apple crepes, to other traditional Taiwanese stall foods, popcorn chicken, braised goodies, sweet potato balls, and more. This is the place locals and tourists come to get a fix for their cravings. If you’re not sure what to eat, there are signs at the entrances with recommendations so you can look at a food map and decide where to go. If you don’t want to walk and eat, Zhengqi Road Night Market has an eating area where guests can sit and enjoy their food. (Photo Credit:IG @taiwanwanderer

  • Address:  Near the Taitung Bus Terminal in Taichung City. Along Zhengqi Road on the left of Zhongshan Rd. and Zhengqi Rd. intersection.

  • Phone: 089-347-682

  • Opening Time:  17:00 – 23:00 (Friday to Sunday)

  • Suggested visit time: 1.5 hours

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Trip 6: Participate in the Taitung New Year’s Eve Party

The 2023 Taitung New Year’s Eve Party has the best list of performers. This year, A-lister pop singers include Golden Melody award winner Tsing-Fong, rapper Mc HotDog, and triple gold award winner Crown Lu. The performers will bring exciting, melodic, light, and a variety of genres to celebrate the New Year. The closing act won’t be announced until early December, but the diverse performance list is sure to bring a musical feast for all attending audiences. The party will be held at the International Landmark in Taitung Coastal Park. With the Pacific Ocean as the stage’s backdrop, let yourself be surrounded by beautiful music and blue waves. If you want to catch a glimpse of your favorite artist, make sure to arrive early and save a good spot. Let’s listen to music, enjoy the ocean breeze, and ring in the new year together! (Photo Credit:Taitung County Government)