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Beautifully Rich in natural Ecology, breeze, fine sand & ocean wind with the style of southeast Asian island! It’s very suitable for children & adults to explore the rich marine ecology here and enjoy a happy holiday!

The Fushan Fisheries Resources Conservation Area is a unique and only natural watering beach located at Shanyuan Beach of Beinan Township in Taitung. Coming to The Fushan Fisheries Resources Conservation Area is likely to travel to the oceanic islands in Southeast Asia. There is a seashore with soft sand that is suitable for families to explore the ocean and its creatures in the south of the conservation area.

The Fushan Fisheries Resources Conservation Area is surrounded by cafes. The environment offers families to get involved in fish-reserved activities and provides a relaxed atmosphere to welcome friends to enjoy the sunset together. The Fushan Fisheries Resources Conservation Area is located on the southern edge of the arch-shaped Dulan bay. An abundance of reef topography with tidal variation has made the area became a natural marine ecological intertidal zone and fulfill with the marine natural ecology. The seashore with soft sand gives families and friends a relaxing place to visit during vacation. Moreover, broad and flat terrain with crystal clear water quality also draws Taiwanese and foreign tourists here to explore various marine life in the marine intertidal zone!

The conservation area is made by tidal trenches, intertidal zones, reefs, and beaches. Plentiful ecological topography cultivates a wealth of ecological creatures such as sea urchin, sea ginseng, square crab, breaded crab, sea anemone, bell snail, night snail, cherry shrimp as well as a variety kind of marine fishes and novel marine creatures!

Families and friends are welcome to experience educational activities here such as intertidal-fishing, crab-catching, and various fry restorations. Tourists can spend a fulfilling and unforgettable ocean vacation here! From Taitung city to The Fushan Fisheries Resources Conservation Area is a 10 minutes driving distance. The transportation along Highway 11 is very convenient. Furthermore, coupled with the educational intertidal ecological zone, and romantic resort-style beaches, it is very suitable for a half-day tour!