Bibo這一煎 圖庫

Bibo Happy Kitchen

“Wow, is this really vegetarian?” is a common exclamation from first-time customers at Bibo Happy Kitchen. The owner has crafted a creative vegetarian menu that showcases the diversity and rich flavors of vegetarian cuisine.
At Bibo Happy Kitchen, all imitation meat is made from completely vegan ingredients. Their menu features dishes like “fried pork cutlet,” “karaage chicken,” “sweet and sour pork,” and more. Even the fried foods are surprisingly light and fresh, with flavors that are simply delightful. The signature dish, fried pork cutlet, boasts a crispy exterior with a tender meat-like center. Meanwhile, the vegetarian golden pot stickers are filled with a variety of vegetables, and the vegan karaage chicken is crispy and juicy. Each set meal comes with fragrant steamed white rice, a healthy vegetable side, soup, and fruit, ensuring a well-rounded and satisfying vegetarian feast.
For those who prefer a vegan option without eggs and milk, simply ask the owner for suggestions.