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Mesona is an herbal plant with leaves and stems commonly washed and brewed into bitter-sweet mesona tea. Mesona is a Chinese herbal medicine that can help with cooling, and lowering blood pressure, among other benefits. This herb is often made into traditional desserts such as hot mesona tea and mesona jelly.

When you visit Taitung and want to taste some mesona, visit the famous Mesona House which has been operating in Taitung for over two decades. They offer mesona jelly, sweet mesona jelly, hot mesona tea, mesona shaved ice, and a variety of mesona desserts. The owner hopes guests can have a healthy treat so they selected “Taoyuan Number 1” mesona, which has antioxidants and other properties that help boost the immune system. This type of mesona is rich in natural gelatin which makes it taste firm with a chewy bite. The specially made syrup adds a smooth taste and gives the mesona a sweet fragrance. You can enjoy it with sides such as mung bean filling, taro balls, white wood ears, azuki beans, and more.

Do you want to bring your foreign friends to the shop but are worried that you won’t know how to translate the menu? Mesona House is a Taitung County Government-selected bilingual vendor. The menu is in Mandarin Chinese and English and even offers photos of the options, making ordering at Mesona House a piece of cake! (Photo Credit: IG@meiku0813)