Seeseatoast 圖片來源 Seeseatoast Ok

Cartoon fans, don’t miss out! Nemo and Dory come to life on your hot-pressed sandwiches, what a perfect fit for the lovely Green Island ocean scenery. See Sea Toast is located on the round-the-island highway, on the corner of the Green Island Prison, beside the Chaikou Snorkeling Area. The sandwiches are highly photogenic and delicious!

The mini storefront houses a few tables where you can order three types of hot-pressed sandwiches. There’s the Green Island limited popular “smoked chicken thousand-year-old egg sandwich”, the classic “tuna corn sandwich” and the “QQ peanut butter and chocolate sandwich” for those who have a sweet tooth. The sandwiches are stuffed to the brim so watch out for spillage when you go for that big bite. Looking to take home a souvenir? The vendor also offers hand-drawn postcards, keychains, water bottle bags, and other mini crafts that would make the perfect memento.

  • Address: Zhongliao no. 190-3, Green Island Township, Taitung County
  • Phone: 0918-793789
  • Opening Time: Mon-Sun 09:30–18:30
  • Website: Fan Page