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Every time you eat at a restaurant with no menu, you really have to take off your hat to the owner. These types of restaurants don’t have set specialties, but still manage to make a name for themselves. Word gets around for two reasons. First, the food is excellent or the way they prepare their dishes stands out from the crowd. Second, the special character of these restaurants leaves a lasting impression. Maliyan Food Research Workshop in Chenggong Township, Taitung has only been reopened for six months. Despite this, Maliyan Food Research Workshop has been all the rage on the internet for quite some time. Foodies from far and wide are flocking because the refined cuisine at Maliyan Food Research Workshop keeps getting positive reviews. Many people visit just to get a glimpse of Bick the Surfing Chef. It’s clear that a meal at Maliyan Food Research Workshop is a dining experience like you’ve never had before.

Maliyan is an Amis word that means mischievous and unrestrained. Maliyan perfectly describes Bick, the restaurant’s owner and head chef. Bick is passionate about exploring all that life has to offer. Moreover, he’s poured all his energy into his tiny restaurant. Bick treats every night like a secret rendezvous with his guests and food. These interactions are the inspiration for many of Bick’s most meaningful moments. Maliyan Food Research Workshop sits next to the coastal highway. The restaurant is located in a simple two-story dark green house. Its interior was decorated with unfinished wood giving the 10-seat space a rustic charm. Diners feel cozy while enjoying their food under the soft lighting. The restaurant has an open kitchen that allows guests to watch Bick in his element. Come get carried away in the elegant rhythm of Bick’s refined movements.

Maliyan Food Research Workshop mainly features European cuisine adapted to a Taiwanese palate. Bick’s superb culinary skills have captivated the taste buds of his guests. Every day, Bick personally buys fresh ingredients at the traditional market. This process serves as Bick’s inspiration to keep making elaborate feasts that are never are listed on a menu. Every meal at Maliyan Food Research Workshop includes an appetizer, soup, main, desert and a drink. These amazing dishes have a rich variety of satisfying flavors. The service is also top-notch. Bick interacts with his guests in a natural and relaxed fashion, just like he’s hosting friends over for dinner. There are no strangers at Maliyan Food Research Workshop. A meal here feels like you’re dining in the comfort of your own home.

(Please note: Reservations can only be made through Facebook and Instagram)

(Photo Credit:IG@emifoodly