Less圾 餐廳 圖片來源 Less圾 Ok

Less Trash has a thoughtful store name with clear intentions to reduce waste. The store does not offer any single-use utensils whether to dine-in or to take-out. They make their stance on the environmental issue loud and clear beginning from their name to their actions.

You’ll find staghorn ferns, tillandsias, and other potted plants all around the store. The warm lights and wooden floors create a comfortable and relaxing space. Popular signature dishes include the yogurt bowl and the grilled tuna cheese melt sandwich. The yogurt, which is made in-house, is paired with homemade blueberry jam and granola, decorated with fresh fruit. This is the perfect refreshing and cool treat for the summer. Less Trash offers brunch during the day and also sells cocktails at night.

  • Address: Nanliao No. 205-1, Green Island Township, Taitung County
  • Phone: 0960-546524
  • Opening Time: Mon-Sun 09:00–14:00; 18:30–20:30
  • Website: Fan Page