Iswell@leon 1015

An old house from the 80s, hand-picked items, girls working on the East Coast—you’ll find many stories of intertwined cultural aspects and time periods in every corner of ISWELL. If you’re visiting Chishang, stop by this coffee shop and feel the connection to the locals here. Find yourself here again and reconnect to life.

ISWELL is tucked away in a quiet corner on Zhongshan Rd. in Chishang Township. The owner of the building planned on demolishing this old barn, but the space was rented and renovated by the owner who transformed it into a selected item, coffee, art exhibition, and creation workshop space. The interior design makes use of bamboo and wood. The windows allow natural lighting to pour in to create a comfortable and relaxing setting. ISWELL offers innovative coffee, pastries, and mixed drinks options. Their coffee is made from quality roasted beans, creating a smooth and rich brew. After enjoying some delicious treats, feast your eyes on the displayed artwork to discover the beauty of traditional artistry. (Photo Credit:IG @leon_1015_