Huosheng Bakery

When listing off the best eateries and gift shops of Guanshan Taitung, the locals will all point you towards Huosheng Bakery. Orders must be phoned in at least one day in advance to ensure your chance to purchase the famous azuki bean loaf bread. Many visitors travel far and wide just to get a taste of this delicacy! Huosheng Bakery has been open for business for over sixty years and is an old and famous traditional Taiwanese bakery in Guanshan. The bakery mainly sells traditional toast and other bread. These pastries are wrapped in the most modest and simple packaging. You can find taro, azuki beans, and sweet butter loaf bread. The bread is stuffed full with the fillings and sold at a very friendly price, making it popular amongst locals and visitors!
The azuki loaf is baked fresh and ready for sale around 2 PM each afternoon. They fly off the shelves as soon as they’re ready. Many people call ahead to reserve the delicious bread! As you walk by, you’ll smell the sweet and fragrant scent of bread. The owner points out that the bread tastes the best when it is fresh out of the oven. You can tear it open and see the fluffy and milky interior. Each bite is filled with the azuki bean filling which is made in-house. The recipes and cooking techniques have been passed down three generations and each item sold in the bakery has its history and story displayed in the store in both English and Chinese. Foreign tourists can read about each flavor and won’t need to worry about getting the wrong bread filling! We welcome visitors from all over to come to Guanshan and taste this time-tested treat! (Photo Credit:IG@_foodieling_

  • Address: No. 90-1 Zhongshan Rd., Guanshan Township, Taitung County

  • Phone Number: 089-811-173
  • Hours of Operation: 09:00–20:00 (Closed on Thursday)