Giant Boy

If you want to get rid of the annoying life full of small things temporarily, give yourself the time for a cup of coffee and put yourself in the place where the sky meets the sea – Changbin in Taitung to enjoy the tranquility and quietness here, completely bathe your mind and body in Changbin which has mild wind and bright sunshine, and carefully taste the coffee prepared elaborately by Giant Boy for each visitor travelling for a long distance. The aroma of coffee from the café 70 kilometers away from both Hualien and Taitung city centers asserts itself as being hand-picked and home-brewed. You can feel the realization of coffee from the owner with each sip of coffee. If you like coffee and want a temporary escape, the beautiful landscape in Changbin and the coffee in Giant Boy will be the best reasons for you to leave everything behind. (IGPhoton by @bigsmallbelly)