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Dining Book Café Bookstore

It is named as a bookstore, but it is also a café and a baking laboratory; sometimes it holds non-scheduled parties, receptions, and arts activities. There might be infinite possibilities in this space. It is like kneaded dough in the baking laboratory waiting for fermentation; after being put into the oven, it expands slowly into unique fairness. Walking into Dining Book Café Bookstore in the carefree afternoon to sip a cup of coffee, eat some cakes, randomly pick up a book from the wall full of books, and find a corner that you like, you will be able to hide in the little space with yourself. The smell of freshly baked bread that is occasionally blown out in the air will draw you back to the reality. Ack! That is another afternoon gone! If you feel hungry, order another delicious dish. It will never be too much to spend the whole afternoon in the lovely space. (IGPhoton by @nemobuca)