Sinasera 24

It will seem that a good chef is able to talk to the table in order to know the impact a meal will have when laid out over its surface. The gourmet dishes spread over the table at Sinasera 24 embody the characteristics of Changbin, spurring visits from people thousands of miles away. In the Amis language, Sinasera means ‘the earth’ while 24 is derived from the traditional solar term. Thus, Sinasera 24 symbolizes cuisine which has locally sourced ingredients and has the deepest respect for nature. This is what they persist in doing. Enjoy the delicious cuisine in a noble and elegant atmosphere where you can savor a French-style cuisine fused with the wild vegetables of the indigenous tribe. Through the innovative four-season meal combo, you can get a feel of wild flavors of the mountains, local agricultural products, and seafood from the Pacific. (IG-Photo by @sinasera24)