Black Kid Café

Located by Provincial Highway No.11 from Taitung City to Zhiben, the ordinary-looking café is unordinary.We are brewing the new life for numerous black kids. Every young man used to be marginalized in the society can acquire the working technique and attitude to make their own living. “Black Coffee” also shines because of these young men. From the external wall of the construction made of the unique Yakisugi technique to the fragrant pour over coffee, every element is the outcome of these kids’ hard work. The standing building comes from zero and is made brick by brick because these black kids know they can also have the chance to realize their dream. The pour over coffee service at the table enables the customers not only to enjoy the freshly made coffee but also to feel these kids’ professional attitude toward their work. Their eyes glow with confidence. This is where the most important spirit of Black Coffee lies in.(IG-Photo by @ly_lin7)