Taitung has been proactively establishing its “slow economy,” promoting its advantages in tribal food and travel. Over the past three years, Taitung has grown its fame and popularity, connecting the land’s rich natural resources, incorporating ecological sustainability concepts and traditional aboriginal wisdom and food culture, to create unique tribal travel itineraries. Tourists can learn more about the background and wisdom behind aboriginal food culture through these trips. These new itineraries also create a food tour industry chain. To this date, 23 stores have received advice and coaching, and 16 tribal tours were created and made available on the platform, generating over 50 million NTD in revenue. This has encouraged many people to return to their tribes and participate in tribal industries such as farming traditional crops, working in the tourism industry as guides, or providing housing and accommodation.


To promote the economy in the tribes, this year, data technology, experiences and other elements will be added to the primary, secondary, and tertiary sectors within the tribe to upgrade them into a six-grade Industry. Through the virtual and real integrated promotion of the “Taitung Tribal Style Food and Travel” brand, the first “Taitung Tribal Style Food and Travel Service Center” has been established at the Ita Resort. Guests can find tribal travel information and exhibition space information at the service center. In addition, to raise public awareness and expand the customer base, a brand-new OTA “Taitung Tribal Travel Service Platform” has been created. The platform uses an OMO e-commerce platform system and will guide Style Food and Travel vendors in becoming digitalized. By doing so, food and travel information can become easily accessible all under one site to promote the new era of tribal tourism, assisting the stable development and expansion of the tribal economy customer base. (Photo Credit:FB@Taitung Tribal Style Food

OTA “Taitung Tribal Style Food and Travel Platform”: https://www.ttstylefood-travel.org/