The Taiwan Women’s Art Association (TWAA), a significant force in the art world, was founded 20 years ago. Next year from June to September, the TWAA chose to host Love and Hope- #2022 Global Women’s Art Festival in Taitung. The TWAA’s chairwoman Jun T. Lai, deputy chairwoman Wang Yu-ling, and secretary-general Lee Yun-yi, met with Taitung County Magistrate April Yao on September 14. During the meeting, they announced their plans to hold a large-scale exhibition next year. The TWAA and April Yao exchanged ideas regarding Love and Hope- #2022 Global Women’s Art Festival. The meeting also garnered press coverage, including a story in Taiwan News. Magistrate Yao warmly welcomes the public to attend the event and hopes that art in Taitung can bring about new possibilities.

台東新聞 台灣女性藝術協會相見歡

April Yao stated the epidemic in Taiwan is easing up. Therefore, the County Government has been planning relief measures for Taitung’s post-pandemic future. During this time, the TWAA happened to bring up their plans to host an exhibition. The County Government hopes the exhibition will allow the public to discover more local stories. In addition, the exhibit aims to lift up Taitung through art, showcase Taitung’s unique pace of life and turn the entire county into a place of artistic significance. TWAA Chairwoman Jun T. Lai stated that Taiwan is moving out of the grips of the COVID-19 epidemic. She hopes the energy and vitality of art made by women in Love and Hope can help welcome in a brighter tomorrow. Lai also hopes that the exhibit can bring together artists from different backgrounds and showcase the power of art made by women.

The Taitung County Government Cultural Affairs Department stated that this exhibition will mainly take place in the Taitung Art Museum. In addition, the National Museum of Prehistory and the National Taitung Living Art Center will also host exhibits. These three spaces will come together to form a platform which will showcase art made by women from Taiwan and around the world. The Cultural Affairs Department firmly believes that next year’s exhibition in Taitung will provide inspiration and hope for everyone in the post-pandemic era.