Taitung Slow Food Movement 1

After a successful decade of promoting the slow food movement in Taitung, this year marks the establishment of Taiwan’s first county-level slow food “conviviaor chapter – Slow Food Taitung Taiwan. Led by Taitung County Magistrate and founding member of the Taitung chapter, April Yao, the delegation will attend Terra Madre 2024, Slow Food’s biennial international gastronomy exhibition in Turin, Italy. This presence aims to showcase to the world Taitung’s diverse culinary culture and the fruitful results of years of slow food facilitation and practice. In the future, the chapter will take on the responsibility of regional promotion and coordination within Taitung County, ensuring that the slow food movement continues to expand and thrive in sync with international trends.

Taitung Slow Food Movement 2

On April 15th, the Slow Food Taitung Taiwan and Terra Madre 2024 Taitung Delegation Announcement press conference was held. Apart from highlighting the significance of establishing the Taitung chapter, the event featured remote congratulatory messages from the slow food movement founder Carlo Petrini and Slow Food Nippon president Megumi Watanabe, looking forward to an exciting next decade for slow food in Taitung.

Taitung Slow Food Movement 3

Magistrate April Yao explained that Taitung held its first Slow Food International Forum in 2023, welcoming senior members from the international Slow Food headquarters in Italy and practitioners from India and the Philippines. The forum recognized the achievements of local slow food practices. This year, Taitung is taking a deeper step of integration with the international slow food scene. In September, alongside seven selected slow food chefs, the delegation will bring unique products such as millet from the tribal communities and local coffee to participate in the biennial gastronomy festival Terra Madre 2024 in Turin, Italy. Through this participation, the delegation will showcase Taitung’s slow food achievements and engage in international exchange and learning.

The Agricultural Department of Taitung County Government stated that over the past 10 years, Taitung has accumulated substantial momentum in promoting slow food. They express gratitude to the international Slow Food headquarters for granting the rights and recognition to establish the Taitung chapter. They believe this is an important mission and a profound responsibility, and look forward to Slow Food Taitung Taiwan becoming a crucial bridge for communication and exchange between the local and international slow food organizations in the future.