The Taitung County Government has been proactively working to meet the housing needs of Taitung citizens. Besides building and offering social rented housing (Anju Homes), and social housing for sale (Hsingfu Homes), they are also collaborating with the Ministry of the Interior to speed up the building process of the HaiBinHaoShi social housing located on Datong Road, in Taitung City. The government hopes to provide affordable quality living spaces for the people of Taitung as well as provide a hub to accommodate the “East Drift” and welcome all to experience the slow living of Taitung.

Taitung—a Great Place to Call Home; County Government Builds Housing to Create a City of Happiness

The Taitung County Government opened the doors of Anju Homes in 2008, providing 46 housing units. An additional 290 units of housing in Hsingfu Homes was provided in 2010, allowing citizens of Taitung and youth returning to Taitung to have a great environment to call home.

To encourage Taitung’s youth to move back home and attract more people to Taitung, the County Government continues to work with the Central Government to provide social housing policies and neighborhoods such as HaiBinHaoShi and BaoSangHaoShi. The Government’s involvement begins at the land selection stage and continues to invest resources such as providing experience and data gained from the Anju Homes project to the National Housing and Urban Regeneration Center as a reference for improving future housing policies.

Taitung’s HaiBinHaoShi social housing project has received full support from the Taitung Government. Not only did the government provide a smooth construction permit application process, but they also assisted with the relocation of existing buildings on the project’s lot. This included sending the necessary paperwork to the Urban Planning Commission of the Ministry of Interior to ensure that the housing project could begin construction on schedule. The County Government has pointed out that building social housing is part of what the government should be doing. This will not only ensure the happiness of Taitung’s citizens but also provide for the youth’s housing needs. The government hopes that residents will be able to receive safe, affordable, and quality living quarters. (Photo Credit:FB@Taitungaprilyao