The Taitung County Government applied for British Standards Institution’s “ISO Event Sustainability Management Systems 20121 certification” with “Starry Taitung Night (Guanshan show)” and became certified. This year, Starry Taitung Night will take the theme of “High Five Planet Earth’s Sustainability,” continuing with the theme of sustainability, fulfilling ESG goals, and promoting “local development,” “Cultural equality.” The Township will hold 8 concerts, inviting local bands and groups to showcase Taitung’s culture.

Starry Taitung Night Earns ISO Certification: Come and celebrate sustainability with us

There will be guides at the concerts this year to provide guidelines on the measures to protect the environment, including star gazing etiquette and learning about light pollution. The whole venue will be lit with low light pollution lighting. To incorporate the “Recycling Charity” theme, there will be many “paper not trashed” bins around the venue. The collected paper will be upcycled into handcrafted paper. The venue’s decoration also views reusability as a key factor in the designing process. The main stage has also been revamped by “Taiwan Artistic Creativity Unlimited Association,” an organization devoted to promoting sustainable art. The Chairman of the group, Mr. Jing-Yang Ho (Afu from Sodagreen), Designer Ming-Ni Jhan who has won the Golden Pin Design Award and Italian A’Design Award, and Designer Daisuke Nagatomo collaborated to create a stage device that can be reused. The organizations in charge of making the event’s souvenirs are also deeply involved in charity, combining environmental sustainability and social enterprise.

In the spirit of promoting sustainability, this year’s event will use 1% For The Planet, and execute the special project “sustainability initiative.” For each participant at any “Starry Taitung Night Concert” $5 NTD earth tax will be donated to environmental non-profits around the world. The “Starry Night Glass Cup” souvenirs are produced by Spring Pool Glass, a company that is devoted to creating products from recycled glass. FNG Design, which has been promoting friendly recycling for a long time, will use 100% recycled PET bottle fabric to create “light pollution-free black bags” and “galaxy chargers.” All proceeds from the souvenirs will be donated to the 1% For The Planet project. We invite everyone to come and enjoy a romantic light pollution-free evening in Taitung. (Photo Credit:”Starry Taitung Night”