Last year, the Taitung County Government made a promise to the people of Taitung. They stated that after arbitration ended on the Miramar Resort, the case could be laid to rest. What belonged to the public and the indigenous community would be rightfully returned. The Taitung County Government has committed itself to assigning property titles, reopening the beach park and returning land back to the indigenous community. On 8/20, the County Government announced that the Shanyuan Beach Park would reopen on 8/24 in accordance with what the public has wanted for a long time.

本地新聞 杉原海水浴場

County Magistrate April Yao expressed that the County Government has always operated on the principles of accountability, openness and transparency. With the support and encouragement of the county legislative assembly, Taitung purchased the Miramar Resort for NT $629 million. The transfer of the property rights took place in April and the transfer of title was completed in July. These steps have officially closed the Miramar Resort case. The boardwalk and other facilities at Shanyuan Beach Park have recently been finished. A line of buoys have been installed to cordon off a zone for safe swimming. In addition, certified lifeguards and lifesaving equipment have been placed to ensure the safety and comfort of everyone at the beach.

The Taitung County Government adheres to the Central Government’s maxim of “respecting the mountains, respecting the sea.” This allows everyone to enjoy the great outdoors and will usher in a new era of eco-recreation at the Shanyuan Beach Park. The restrooms on the ground floor are open for public use. In the future, other areas of the building will be put to good use to make everyone’s visit even better. In the latter half of the year, the park will be accepting suggestions from representatives of the public, experts, and local residents. The success in expanding Fushan Fisheries Resources Conservation Area, protecting the environment and ecological education will help strengthen these areas in the future. This will allow business, the indigenous community and the environment to thrive together. The County will employ a progressive outlook and innovative strategies to promote the beach park to the rest of the world. Taitung looks forward to transforming Shanyuan Beach Park into the most “dazzling place” on the east coast.