Known as the LV of the mango world, XiaXue Mangoes are harvested between June and July of each year. The XiaXue Mangoes from Taitung have their own seal that guarantees the origin of production, quality, and quantity of the mangoes. A XiaXue evaluation event is held each year to connect the fruit farmers and young entrepreneurs, encourage farms to aspire for the highest quality, and grow a refined product to protect the good brand and quality of Taitung’s XiaXue Mangoes.

Collaboration with Air, Land, Travel, and Transport Operations to promote Taitung’s XiaXue Mango: Taste the decadent flavors of XiaXue Mangoes this hot summer.

The Taitung County Government has eagerly been promoting the Taitung XiaXue Mango brand. They have partnered up with E-commerce channels and carrier companies, even working with Lion Travel. Guests can taste a fresh and delicious plate of XiaXue Mangoes on the Mingri Train, and even order a unique Taitung XiaXue Mango gift box set. Bring a box of high-end mangoes straight from the farm with you on your way home. As the Balloon Festival kicks off in Taitung, Mandarin Airlines will begin weekend flights between Songshan and Taitung Airport on July 9th. The flight will offer complimentary XiaXue Mango Jellies on board so that guests from all around can enjoy the wonderful flavors of the XiaXue Mango.

The County Government will continue to work with local fruit farmers with diverse marketing, developing mango desserts or frozen treats, promoting new ways of enjoying the XiaXue Mango, and providing an array of processed products for consumers to purchase such as XiaXue Mango jelly, rice puff snacks, and more. These products have been well received by the market and more products are planned to be released soon. We welcome guests to visit Taitung for a fun vacation and the opportunity to taste Taitung’s XiaXue Mangoes! (Photo Credit:Taitung County Government)