The long-anticipated “2021 Go Taitung Shopping Season” kicked off on November 12. Monthly sweepstakes, with amazing prizes that included an iPhone 13 pro, a Gogoro scooter, home appliances, and a hybrid car, have spurred post-pandemic spending! There were over $NT 1 million in logged sales within a mere 4 hours after the event started. Logged sales broke the NT $10 million mark within three days. These figures have shattered last year’s logged sales and have successfully driven overall consumer spending.


The “2021 Go Taitung Shopping Season” sweepstakes operate on how much you’ve spent. Shoppers will receive 1 electronic sweepstakes number for each NT $500 spent. A single purchase of over NT $300,000 will accrue 600 sweepstakes numbers. The more purchases you enter into the online system, the greater your chance of winning will be. Each shopper is eligible to enter in 4 different drawings, and participating couldn’t be easier. Starting from October 8, participants can become eligible for a drawing by going to the sweepstake’s website and entering in purchases they’ve made within Taitung County (vendors with taxation registration in Taitung County). Please note that you are eligible only once you’ve accumulated NT $500 in purchases and you must keep your official receipt or invoice from shops that don’t offer official receipts. Participating is a breeze when using electronic receipts during this event. Register your device that collects electronic receipts and the sweepstakes system will automatically enter in your spending.

The Taitung County Government Finance and Economic Development Department stated that the County Government will also add bonus giveaways during the event. All purchases at “selected stores” will give you triple the amount of points. Subsequent surprise giveaways will launch in the future giving you the chance to gain five times the amount of normal points. This will help speed up your accumulated points, gain raffle numbers, and raise your odds of winning amazing prizes! The event is scheduled to end on February 28, 2022. Please enter in your receipts to join the sweepstakes over the next four months.