Why not experience beautiful views in an innovative way while you cannot travel abroad. The Taitung County Government had been hosting Travel EXPOs in Singapore and Malaysia. This year, with the assistance of technology, the EXPO will be upgraded into a cloud EXPO. The “2021 Cloud Travel EXPO Taitung Taiwan” will be held from August 24th – 27th, making Taitung the first in Taiwan to host a Cloud Travel Expo. County Magistrate April Yao expressed, Taitung is having been affected by the pandemic. However, the county government hopes to promote “Traveling in Taitung” to the world through Cloud Travel Expo by using traditional and innovative online methods. In addition, the EXPO also incorporates Live Malls to allow instantaneous purchases. The county government welcomes everyone to visit and enjoy Taitung once the pandemic is over.

國際新聞 雲端旅展

More than 550 vendors and media from Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Thailand will participate at this EXPO. There is a wide range of vendors, including gifts, hotels, B&Bs, cultural and creative industries, DIY tours, and more. Visitors from abroad can experience a unique journey of must-eat, must- visit, and must-try activities in Taitung. The “Cloud Travel EXPO” has added an “Online Conference” which allows travelers and vendors can have one-on-one communication to get to know more about Taitung’s products. As for promoting tourism in Taitung, travelers will be able to find the latest information regarding Taitung Tourism on the official website. Once the “Travel Taitung” APP is installed, users will be able to use the latest 360° audiovisual technology to immerse themselves in Taitung. Taitung’s global exposure will be maximized by internationally famous influencers who will attract thousands of viewers in the Live Mall auctions.

Taitung has been voted as the world most welcoming city in 2021. This EXPO will use promotion abroad, online media, Live Malls. These technologies allow local vendors to overcome many restrictions caused by the pandemic. They will have more opportunities to reach buyers and share the rich tourism resources, farm produce, and unique culture with the world. Therefore, visitors and vendors from Taiwan and around the world can experience Taitung’s charisma. The county government look forward to post-pandemic days when international traveling is possible once more, to present Taitung as the first destination on tourists’ lists.

Official Website: https://taitungtravelfair.com/
Promote Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6vNhk4IlysM