The eastern beauty consists of mountains and the ocean, a rich geographical environment, broad expanses between the seasons and a distinct style between day and night. First-time visitors enjoy a diverse and fantastic experience. In the process of exploring Taitung, they can also find a new path for life.


Cameron Hanson grew up in an artistically rich city of Seattle. He majored in art and traveled during his college years. After traveling to more than 30 countries, he had yet to set foot in Asian. Cam said, “I was thinking about where to teach English for the next two years. I pondered for a long time. Due to Taiwan’s multiculturalism and island feel it became my first choice, followed by Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, and Hong Kong.” Anything could happen. After traveling around Taiwan and coming to Taitung, his first stop in Asia became his last and Cam decided to settle down in Taitung.

“Life in Seattle made me feel like being trapped in prison. My life was only working, Monday to Friday, 8:00 to 5:00. A life like this was suffocating me every day.” Cam described his life before coming to Taitung. Then, he discussed after arriving in Taitung, where he met his soulmate and altered his past lifestyle. “I discovered that I could live a different life in Taitung. Although I can’t make a lot of money, I don’t have to worry about not having enough to eat. So I want to live here rather than in the United States!” Cam firmly stated that he is now the owner of a coffee house, a freelance photographer, and a dad. A man of many trades. “Although busy, I’m really quite satisfied” Cam laughingly expressed.

Regardless of rain or shine and waking up to a seemingly identical day, rest assured that today will be a little different than yesterday. A mundane existence can be escaped. Cam had the courage to step out of his comfort circle and embark on a life-changing journey. “When I first came to Taitung, my Chinese was not good, but the people here were still very welcoming. Once I was eating alone, and a person treated me to a beer and invited me to have lunch with them. Someone once stated, “In warm weather, there are warm people.” “I really find a lot of truth in that statement.” Perhaps there is a slight relationship between the warmth of the people in Taitung and the warm climate. Our interview took place on a hot and sunny afternoon. It served as a reminder for Cam of the warm heartfelt experiences encountered throughout his time in Taitung.


“I once forgot a very expensive camera at a bar. After four days I went back and looked for it. The camera was still there. The store held onto it for me and waited for me to return,” Cam reminisced. Cam continued, “If this has occurred in another place, I may have never gotten it back. Safety in tourist areas is very important for foreign tourists. Taitung lets them feel at east. The people in Taitung are extremely friendly. This was my first impression.” Although Cam’s Chinese fluency was not proficient at first, through his wife’s introduction, he was able to meet friends from all over the world. He’s been able to cross the language barrier and have deep interaction with locals, making for a really wonderful life.

“In Seattle, I lived a normal life. But now life is more flexible, more colorful, and more fulfilling.” Cam thoughtfully operates the “Moonlight Sea Coffee House” on the East Coast Highway. In addition, he spends his leisure time capturing beautiful images of the mountains and the sea. The beauty and uniqueness of Taitung is one of the indispensable elements in life. From different perspectives, surprises are found in unexpected places. A broad and open land with beautiful scenery is at your fingertips. Love pulled him over 10,000km from Seattle to Taitung changing in life and future in unforeseen ways. By remaining positive, fortune and happiness will always accompany you.