Oia Cafe Hostel

Oia Cafe Hostel, located in the old railway, is a famous featured B&B in Taitung. Other than providing various hand-made cookies, cakes, cream puffs, and snacks in the shop, the most amazing is Oia Brunch Meal Set. It is with affordable price, uses local hand-made materials, and is generous of the materials used. Various choices of sweet and salt compound dishes for you to make the set meal you like. Select a featured brunch with hot dish and abundant portion for yourself and enjoy the cozy and pleased dining in the environment with European-style decoration.Friendly reminder: Brunch is only offered until 11am and the table will be reserved for the B&B guests first. If you only want to go there for brunch, remember to go early so that you won’t miss it! Do not worry if you are late; afternoon tea is also provided in Oia Café Hostel. The huge portion of pancake is also a good choice that is too good to miss!In addition, the life function here is very good. (IGPhoto by @pa1x1)