Studying in Taitung

Taitung offers a fantastic environment for one to live and further their education. Taiwan’s exceptional schools and the local University provide an atmosphere worthy of exploration.

1) Can my children study in Taitung?

If foreigners have obtained legal residence status, they can submit the following documents and their children can enroll at schools in Taitung City:

  1. Application form for admission.
  2. A copy of the Alien Resident Certificate or Alien Permanent Resident Certificate.
  3. Certificates of foreign academic qualifications and transcripts required to be verified by the foreign embassy. For languages other than Chinese or English, Chinese or English translations should be attached. If applying for admission for your child to the first grade of elementary school, you do not need to submit academic certificates.

2) How can one choose primary and secondary schools? What is a school district?

In Taiwan, children are enrolled in public elementary schools and junior high schools, not through self-application, but according to school districts. A school district means that the local government divides a number of schools under individual school districts according to administrative regions, population, transportation, school distribution, cultural environment, etc. Several schools are further divided under individual school districts. Students of the right age enrolling in junior high and elementary schools will be assigned to the school closest to their residence in the school district based on their household registration address. If there is no household registration, the school will be assigned according to the address which appears on the child’s residence permit.

The distribution of Taitung City Junior High and Elementary School Districts is as follows:

3) Choices of local schools in Taitung

– Taitung kindergarten inquiries:

– List of Taitung Elementary Schools:

– List of Taitung Junior High Schools:

– Taitung High School and Technical Schools:

– National Taitung University: