To many people today, food is more than something that sustains us with calories, keeping us alive. Food provides us with an experience, a chance to interact with others, and also a great way to experience local life and traveling. This article will share all the hidden food gems hidden in Taitung alleyways. There are fun new finds as well as classic good eats. Each vendor introduced in this article is highly popular amongst the locals. Follow us as we explore the taste and flavors that bring joy and happiness.

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Taitung Tea House

The best way to cool down on hot summer days is to have a cool and refreshing bowl of frozen goodness. There’s a little ice shop called “Taitung Tea House” located on a tiny hill in Dulan Village. You’ll find a colorful sign next to the tiny storefront. Taitung Tea House offers a variety of things made from locally sourced ingredients, from fried foods, desserts, and drinks, to frozen goodies. Their dishes are all full of Taitung flair which draws many people to come and check it out.

The most well-known and popular frozen dessert is the wavey shaved ice. The light blue shaved ice exemplifies Dulan’s ocean to perfection. The shaved ice is topped with a layer of white sea salt cream, making it look just like a rolling wave. The salty edge also really gives the feel and taste of the ocean. Toppings that are under the wave include konjac and seaweed, further tying the elements of Taitung waves to the icy treat. The wavey shaved ice is only offered during the summer, so those who are interested need to take advantage of the opportunity!

Another popular item on the menu is the “Signature Mountain Tea Ice” which uses locally sourced Luye Black Oolong tea which is boiled and mixed with honey before being drizzled on the shaved ice. The flavorful tea ice is topped with a pickled plum that is sweet and savory. The most unique part of this cold dessert is that it comes with a side of tapioca pearls which when added, creates a whole new texture.

When visiting Taitung Tea House, make sure you try out the pickled dishes and fried goodies. The British fish and chips can be ordered in beer batter or crispy batter. It’s fried to order, making it crispy on the outside, fluffy and flakey on the inside. You can also order them with a side of creamy dipping sauce for extra flavor. The semi-open bar and colorful hanging lamps create a unique bistro, shaved ice, and coffee shop vibe. Come and check out this fun and sunny shop!

  • Address: No. 146-2 Dulan Village, Hedong Township, Taitung County

  • Contact number: 0955-092961

  • Operating hours: Wed-Sun 11:00-18:30 (Closed on Mondays and Tuesdays)

  • Website: Fan Page

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Mama Liu’s Traditional Taste

When visiting Taitung, you must not miss the opportunity to try out the local’s favorite traditional dry noodles “Mama Liu’s Traditional Taste.” The shop has been interviewed multiple times by TV food programs. Hidden in the alleyways near Zhengqi North Rd in Taitung City, the shop offers large portions at a friendly price. The simple and homey dishes make the value unbeatable and keep it at the top of many foodie’s favorite lists.

The shop is remodeled from a house and patrons will find a sign with a cute granny making it instantly warm and comforting. There’s a variety of things to choose from, dry or soup noodles, braised pork rice, dumplings, soups, and side dishes. You’ll find most patrons have ordered a bowl of dry noodles. The noodles are topped with fried green onions, mushroom braised meat sauce, scallions, and cilantro. The fragrant bowls are irresistibly appetizing. You can also find the traditional rice noodles that Taitung is famous for at Mama Liu’s. The light broth goes perfectly well with the bouncy and Q traditional rice noodles making it another popular noodle dish to order up. Make sure you order the classic braised side dishes and hand-made dumplings which are offered in limited amounts daily. The dumplings are filled with minced pork and wrapped in a perfectly bouncy wrapper. You simply won’t be able to stop after each bite.

If you’re interested in trying the simple homey flavors, “Mama Liu’s Traditional Taste” is sure to blow you away. The traditional flavors come at a friendly price, it’s no wonder why you’ll find nothing but positive reviews here.

  • Address: No. 115, Ally 339, Zhengqi North Rd., Taitung City, Taitung County

  • Contact number: 089-9360379

  • Operating hours: 10:30-14:00, 17:00-20:00 (Closed on Sundays)

  • Website: Fan Page

圖片來源 美食好芃友

Dinglun Beef Noodles

Have you ever seen a shop that is packed the minute it opens up? Imagine the level of charm and charisma it takes to recreate this phenomena daily. Many patrons even travel from Taitung City just to get another taste. This is the popular Dinglun Beef Noodles located near the beach of Jinlun Train Station. The signature dishes include beef noodles, dumplings, and braised sides. The price is friendly and portions are hearty. The noodle shop’s popularity skyrocketed via word of mouth, with people lining up for a seat long before opening hours begin.

The signature beef noodle soup is served in a bowl of rich broth with a slight kick that is refreshing and light. The noodles are cooked to perfection with a bouncy bite. Then the bowl is topped with large chunks of braised beef that are tender, some pieces even with gelatinous tendons that give a smooth and soft delicious texture. The double sauce noodles are a magical creation where fried sauce meets sesame sauce. The noodles are topped with vegetables and thinly sliced eggs that create an appetizing dish perfect for a hot summer day. There are also multiple braised sides and cold sides such as cucumber, tofu noodles, dragon beard vegetables, peanuts, dried bamboo, and many more. It’s not hard to tell that a lot of thought and effort goes into the simple menu. Those visiting Jinlun Hot Springs should really take the opportunity to try out the popular Taimali restaurant.

  • Address: No. 132, Jinlun Village, Taimali Township, Taitung County

  • Phone Number: 0897-71918

  • Hours of Operation: 11:00-14:15; 17:00~19:15 Hours of Operation may vary depending on the crowd size or operations may end early if dishes are sold out. No phone or internet reservation available (closed on Tuesdays, and the final Tuesday and Wednesday of the month)

  • Website: Fan Page


 Shanghai Street Breakfast

“Shanghai Street Breakfast” is a local breakfast shop hidden in the alleyways. This breakfast shop has been a part of many people’s childhood. The breakfast joint has handmade everything since the first day they were opened. You’ll see the rising steam from the steamed soup dumpling baskets from far away, waking sleepy Taitung residents up and proclaiming a sunny and bright day ahead. This year (2023) the breakfast shop even made it onto the Taitung Slow Food Festival poster, showing exactly how popular this breakfast joint is amongst the locals.

When enjoying breakfast at the Shanghai Street Breakfast, you must order a basket of steamed soup dumplings. The soup dumplings are hand-made from wrapper to filling. The thin and chewy wrappers are filled with a succulent filling that you must try at least once paired with ginger, dark vinegar, and soy sauce. The popular handmade egg pancakes are also handmade to order. The thin pancakes are shaped like lotus leaves with gentle ripples on the edges and have therefore been named lotus leaf egg pancakes. Their pancakes have a unique taste and texture unlike the typical egg pancakes sold elsewhere. You can also order a cup of roasted soy milk. The thick soy flavor comes with a hint of smokiness that is the taste of childhood that you must try.

The vendor is up bright and early at 3 am to knead the dough, prepare the ingredients, make the pancakes, and boil the soymilk and black tea. Each and every dish is handmade in-house. There is a limited amount of each item so you might not get to try them if you’re too late.

  • Address: No. 53, Alley 360, Chuanguang Rd., Taitung City, Taitung County (Alley behind the Christian Hospital)

  • Phone Number: 089-933-8097

  • Hours of Operation: Mon-Sat 5:30-10:00 AM (Closed on Sundays)