Foreigners Purchasing Properties in Taiwan

1)  Can foreigners purchase properties in Taiwan?

  • The principle of equality and reciprocity is applied here. If the country where the foreigner is from allows Taiwanese citizens to buy properties there, then Taiwan will also allow foreigners from that country to buy properties in Taiwan.

1.1)  Can the spouse of a foreigner purchase properties?

  • The spouse of a Taiwanese citizen with foreign nationality (but holds residency status) would like to purchase a property before the naturalization process, the principle of equality and reciprocity would be applied here as well between his/her country and Taiwan.
  • Taiwanese citizens cannot donate nor sell properties or land to their spouses that do not hold Taiwanese citizenship

1.2)  Can foreigners buy land in Taiwan?

  • According to Articles 17 and 19 of the Land Act, foreigners and Mainland Chinese citizens are not allowed to rent, buy, sell, or transfer forestry lands, fishery land, hunting land, salt land, head-water point, fortress military areas, and land borders.

What documents do I need to buy a property?

✓ Land registration application form (obtain from the Department of Land Administration of the relevant municipality or county/city government where the land is located or download it online )

✓ Identity documents of the obligee and obligor for land rights exchange.

✓ Purchase and sale transfer contract.

✓ Tax payment or tax exemption documents.

✓ Reciprocity certification documents (the countries that have been included in the list of mutually beneficial countries for foreigners to obtain or establish land rights in Taiwan are exempted).

✓ Land Use Zoning Certificate (if non-urban land is exempted).

✓ Land ownership certificate.

✓ Authorization letter (if one cannot apply in person, an authorization letter must be attached).

✓ Other supporting documents required by the central land administration authority.

What is the general process of buying a property?

If foreigners intend to buy a house in Taitung, they need to apply to the land administration authority. The entire application process takes about 7 to 14 days.

  • step 1: prepare the required documents for land registration.
  • step 2: :Apply for land registration in Taitung County Land Offices (Taitung Land Office of Taitung County, Chenggong Land Office of Taitung County, Guanshan Land Office of Taitung County, Taimali Land Office of Taitung County) and submit relevant documents for review.
  • step 3: After the Land Office has passed the review, the Taitung County Government will approve the application.
  • step 4: Report to the Ministry of the Interior for reference and notify the Lands Office.
  • step 5: Register at Land Office.

What should I pay attention to when buying a property?

  • When a foreigner is purchasing a property in Taiwan without ARC or Work Visa, he/she cannot obtain a loan, which means that the property has to be paid in cash.
  • Foreigners holding an ARC but has applied for a bank loan to purchase a property must provide the following documents: (1) a photocopy of the residence permit, (2) a photocopy of the passport, (3) proof of employment, (4) proof of monthly salary transfer, (5) photocopy of the property purchase contract, and (6) a Taiwanese citizen cosigner with proof of stable income.

Where can foreigners find a property?

  • Please refer to online Real Estate websites