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The performance was once compared by the famous Taitung poet Ching-Tung Hsu to Pina Baush, the mother of dance theater and the dance group, Dancing Skyful. It is the only dance group in Taitung that focuses on modern dance, and it has won the accolades of Taitung County as a professional performing arts team.

In a year when there is a worldwide pandemic, everyone is living in a tense atmosphere. Dancing Skyful will perform a dance called Saceqaljan, means simple and happy. It showcases the tribal stories and images of Calavi, and brings positive power to everyone. The venue for this performance is the Sunrise Driftwood Workshop at Duoliang Station, a famous scenic spot in Taitung County. You can enjoy this dance out in the sun. Imagine a beautiful legend, which describes sacred mountains, black snakes, driftwood, trains, and blends into the Pacific breeze through body images, and as slowly as the music flows.

Image courtesy: Dancing Skyful

Date: August 22, 2020 (Sat)

Time: Start at 3:30 pm

Remarks: You need to purchase a voucher for admission, which can be exchanged for a drink.

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