If you have lived in Taitung for a period of time, do you want to settle in this beautiful place in the future?

Permanent Residence

Suitable for: Those planning to obtain a Taiwanese ID card and settling to live permanently in Taiwan.

Different Ways to Obtain Eligibility:

  1. Period of Residence: Applicant must have stayed in Taiwan legally for five consecutive years, while staying in the country for more than 183 days each year. An application must submited within 2 years after five-year residence period.
  2. Dependent relatives: Spouses and children of Taiwanese citizens may stay in Taiwan legally for more than 10 years. During the period of stay, they must have stayed in Taiwan for more than 183 days each year. Applicants must apply within 2 years after the expiration of the term.
  3. Investment: 1. A for-profit enterprise with an investment amount of NT$ 15 million or more, and a commitment to hire five or more Taiwanese citizens for three years; 2. Investment in central government bonds with a face value of NT$ 30 million or more for three years.
  4. For foreigners who are naturalized through investment, their spouses and minor children are eligible for permanent residence.

Required Documents:

  1. Alien permanent residence application form
  2. One 2’’ x 2’’ colored photo, front head and shoulder, taken within six months.
  3. Original and copy of new and old passports
  4. Original and copy of alien residence permit
  5. Health check certificate
  6. Proof of property or special skills *
  7. Proof of no criminal record for the last five years (Must provide both certificates from Taiwan and applicant’s country of origin)
  8. Other supporting documents
    * The following persons are exempt from submitting proof of property or special skills:
    foreign spouses and minor children who are approved for permanent residence by investment immigration;
    foreign spouses and minor children who are granted permanent residence by senior professionals;
    those who are granted permanent residence by applying as a foreign spouse, and minor children who have been legally residing in Taiwan for 5 consecutive years, and have resided for more than 183 days per year, and have good conduct

Other Supporting Documents
In response to different application methods for settling in Taitung, other supporting documents are required as follows:

  1. Dependents
    (1)Proof of family relationship.
    (2)Children who are over 20 years old and are unable to take care of themselves due to physical or mental disabilities are required to submit relevant supporting documents.
  1. Employment
    (1)Work permit certification
    (2)Proof of employment valid from within the month
  1. Missionaries
    (1)Letter of guarantee issued by the religious organization.
    (A)Indicate that the foreigner’s missionary job position is unpaid and full-time.
    (B)Guarantee for responsibility for the foreigner’s living situation in Taiwan after obtaining permanent residence.
    (2)The Ministry of Interior License or Legal Person Registration of the religious organization.
    (3)Employment certificate issued by the relevant religious organization.
  1. Investment
    (1)Business registration certificate.
    (2)Shareholder register.
    (3)Incorporation issued by government authorities.
    (4)Investment review meeting letter from the Ministry of Economic Affairs valid for within three months.
    (5) In case of special circumstances, other supporting documents will be required.


NT$ 10,000 (*as of September 2020)
*Please refer to the website of the Ministry of the Interior National Immigration Agency for the most current cost of all fees.

Handling Agency

Immigration Service Station; Taitung County Service Station

For more information on settlement and naturalization in Taiwan, please refer to the website of the Ministry of the Interior National Immigration Agency